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RE: [IAC#RG] re Chittaranjan Bharadia's complaint against IAC's Demonetisation critique

I just learnt that we cannot exchange notes for more than Rs 2000 anymore, despite the lies being issued by the ruling party and RBI that enough notes are available. The gov't.and its Fin Ministry in particular are thus both incompetent and deceitful. Their pronouncements that all will be well soon are just spin - jumla  - like the pre-election assurance to bring black money back and distribute it to the poor.

Secondly, the black money they claim to be after is not hidden in poor and middle-class homes; it is with traders, big business, politicians, wheeler dealers, and the heavenly IAS, who have a religious duty to siphon money off from all public projects to give their CMs, while keeping a few crores (Rs 500 crore was the worth of the last longterm DC in my district) for themselves. Any IAS who doesn't do this risks corruption enquiries against him or her.

Mining and infra projects to facilitate extractive industries and FDIs in all states, particularly in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Orissa, are therefore being pushed through as both a result of heavy kickbacks and expectation of further benefits for their personal accounts as well as the next electoral hurdle. Does Bharadia know how the poor ST-SC, and marginal farmers suffer when robbed of their lands, forests and livelihoods? Or that the LW extremists there are just a symptom of a system in which NOTHING gets done outside the state capitals without politicians and gov't.functionaries gobbling up 30% of the projects' budgets? Will Modi be able to clean that system up? Will he risk annoying his trader vote base, gov't.officials and his own party's elected representatives?

Joya Roy

On 17 Nov 2016 10:37, "CA Chitranjan Bharadia" <> wrote:

Dear Mr Sarbajit


We salute you for your good work done through methods and raising various issue to stop corruption and for building nation, and hope everyone will appreciate it.


However I have observed that you always criticize to either Modi or Kejriwal, yes many people know there history, however please note that if anyone sitting there wishes to make changes and wishes to serve India, then whether people of India wishes that or not  ? or some vested interest people are behind them and against their scheme or against them.


Please note that every coin has two sides, some people will criticise and others will be happy, I wish to ask you one question, if you are nominated and elected for the Chair of PM, whether you can work for India, and whether you can assure us that no one criticise you or all will be happy and all your work will be good for the nation or other opposition parties will not hurdles you or not have any scam around you .


So instead of critics, please suggest the Government or those people for the change or give better idea, or give them suggestion so that these scheme can be success.


Whether you think that people of India really wishes to change, whether you know that why there are so much lines in Bank, these all are because of people who have black money, As in my opinion, poor people don't have currencies of Rs. 500 or 1000/- and other people, who have then they have option to deposit the same in their account and later withdraw upto Rs. 24000/- a week, which is about one lacs a month, and if someone withdraw amount of Rs. 1.00 lacs in a month, whether he is really poor or not ?  Whether you know that bankers are exchanging new currency to black money holders with some charges over it, or people are who in lines, are paid to change money of black money holders. As people has option then why they are in lines to change of money ?. Only because of the middle man/ black money holders are giving them some money to change their money


In my opinion Law should be implemented strictly, and in fear of punishment, only people will think over it and will not break the rules, otherwise everyone has opinion, that it is INDIA and SAB KUCH CHALTA HAI,,, WE WILL MANAGE IT.


Only strict Law and fear of punishment, people will obey and will follow rules, and people like MODI is really required to this nation, who can take BOLD decision and can lead the country, with so much working for the nation.


May be you or other people won't agree with me, however it my thoughts, which I shared here.


Thanks with Best Regards


CA Chitranjan Bharadia





From: [] On Behalf Of Sarbajit Roy
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Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] Demonetisation


We don't think that this is the time to focus on petty corruption or vague sectoral targeting when there are about 600 names constituting 80% of India's corruption in public domain

IAC has always believed that it is more important that investigative resources be focussed on big fish rather than dissipated over small fry.

It is self-evident that this latest demonetiiztion scam  is well planned by BJP to

a) Influence outcomes of elections in UP and Punjab

b) to distract from rampant corruption in BJP Govt at Centre and mega deals involving personal cronies of Mr. Modi

c) to subjugate the common people by showing them their true place in the scheme of things.

d) make massive money from OHD note replacement.

e) distract from Panama papers and other Wiki-leaked documents.


It is really funny to see all the spin doctors and apologists for Mr. Modi justifying why new notes ought not be pumped into the system and common man should be prepared to suffer in national interest while Mr. Modi is busy enjoying his (vegetarian) sushi in Japan.

IAC's suggestion for Mr. Modi is as follows - FIRST PUT Rs. 15 ;lakhs into BANK ACCOUNT of every Indian, and then do whatever the f**k you want to do.




On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 12:10 AM, Dr. Munish Raizada <> wrote:

Do not forget Doctors, jewllers.


On Nov 15, 2016 12:04 PM, "AK Bhattacharyya" <> wrote:

All energy should be directed towards the following categories of people 


2=Chartered Accountants 

3] Real Estate Dealers 

4]Quick rich Politicians

The mission should be professionally executed.


With kind regards 



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