Friday, November 18, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] BJP high ups get new money first, + RBI selective leaks


Both points mentioned by you are relevant in the present context.

1. Can anyone believe that a decision taken ten months ago would remain secret from the  Senior politicians and the

 senior officials in the Ministry of Finance and RBI. It also means that the former Governor Raghuraman was also aware and either he did not agree so left or pushed to leave to make room for the present Governor who was not only working for Reliance group but also Kenyan born . The Governor has either been asked to keep low profile or the role of RBI has been taken over by the Ministry of Finance( Revenue secretary who has been briefing from the day the Scheme was announced. 

2. It is not reasonable to believe that BJP as a political party receives all funds from individual or corporate donations through cheque and there is no cash components. If you see the trend of discussion in Parliament,all opposition political parties speak of the selective leakages.

In Mumbai what the Shiv Sena chief has said is very true. The common man is suffering the queue in the banks continue to be long whether SBI or HDFC the Senior citizens included. In short it is very badly planned and managed 

scheme. Earlier the previous Govt. had asked all currency notes prior to 2005 to be changed and gav enough time and people complied. Why can,t they do the same?  


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The breaking news from Maharashtra where a BJP Minister's vehicle  was found with 92 lakhs is generating comments like

"Top Comment : Maximum unaccounted cash could be found with the BJP leaders and their close associates. They have the immunity from the top brass controlling from Delhi. But nothing will ever happen to them. This exercise is meant for the middle class and poor people. Most of them must have got their money exchanged on day one itself."
"CONGRESS: It is well known that Modi's decision to ban Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes was leaked selectively to senior BJP leaders and leading industrial houses"
More than a week after high-value currency notes were demonetised, Rs 91.5 lakh in cash was found in a private vehicle belonging to Solapur-based Lok Mangal group, which is controlled by senior BJP leader and state cooperation minister Subhash Deshmukh

IAC finds it curious that Urjit Patel was appointed as RBI Governor to carry out this massacre on Indian democracy considering his past employment at Reliance (2008-2009), and his ties with Brookings Institution, MCX scamster Jignesh Shah etc.

" .. As per the officer, there are no accusations levelled against Patel in any case. Sources said that if the vice-president of the country can be associated with a firm of that belongs to Reliance then RBI Governor, as an economist, can be related to a private firm in the past and there is nothing suspicious about the same. "
EXCL: New RBI Guv Urjit Patel worked for Ambani and scamster Jignesh Shah It is being said that he was appointed the Governor following the reference of nation's ...


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