Thursday, November 17, 2016

[IAC#RG] Your false and fictitious press release dt. 17.11.2016


Ms. Alpana Killawala

Chief General Manager
Department of Communication
Reserve Bank of India
12th Floor, Central Office Building
Fort, Mumbai – 400 001


Dear Ms. Killawala,

I refer to your latest Press release dated 17.Nov.2016 (PR:2016-2017/1235)

I am surprised that you persist in putting out these Goebbelsian lies regarding the free availability of currency notes knowing very well they are untrue.

For example, can you explain why the HDFC Bank branch at D-23 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024 daily runs out of currency promptly about 40 minutes after the branch opens for business and thousands are turned away ? And this same scene is repeated at almost all banks throughout the country.

If you had a shred of integrity you would leave your cushy seat and air-conditioned offices and see the hell the ordinary people of India are facing because this of mal-intentioned and poorly conceived demonetisation scheme.

Because you have mentioned that the minting presses have been in increased production for over 2 months, I am caused to Question -  Where are all these freshly minted currency notes that you claim exist ? All my information (from the media) is that these notes were manufactured at the instance of one Mr. Subrata Roy "Sahara", delivered in London to David Reuben and Solomon Reuben, and sent back to India for distribution to Sahara group's so-called "depositors".

Since is a great shame and scandal that all these freshly minted notes (perhaps not even minted in India) seem to only reach a select clientele well before the Prime Minister announced it on 8.Nov.2016, the RBI should open the Pandora's box, explain to us where Sahara group's massive "cash" came from if not from these newly minted notes.

Are we to take it that the Prime Minister only announced demonetisation to cover up the Sahara cash return scandal which Hon'ble Supreme Court has described as the sealed Pandora's box ?

We sincerely hope that your next Press Release addresses our doubts or else INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION shall be constrained to open this Pandora's box to the public.


Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor
B-59 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024

Tel ; +91-8010205897

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