Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Demonetisation

Dear Mr Jha

1) I do not have black money so your question is academic.

2) I have lost my valuable time standing in bank queues, in public interest, to understand the flaws in the implementation scheme, so that these can be directly communicated to the right people in executive branch and the banking system for prompt remedial measures. I do this (I am retired) because people listen to me very carefully because I am disinterested personally.

3) FYI, here is Mr. Modi saying (while electioneering) that people will get Rs.15 lakhs each if black money is brought back. He actually said 15 or 20 lakhs. If you want more explicit videos of Mr. Amit Shah on this issue of 15 lakh jumlaa they are also in public domain

4) BTW, where is your Karnataka hero Mr.Vijay Mallya today and who in BJP sarkar let him leave India (and for how much) ? Did Mr. Mallya pay you to question IAC ?

5) Where is hawala kingpin BEEF EXPORTER Mr. Moin Qureshi today ? Who in BJP sarkar let him leave India (and .for how much consideration) ? Why does Mr.Anna Hazare (pretender to the IAC brand name and so called Gandhian vegetarian ahimsa-ian etc) who is such a big fan of Mr. Modi today consort nowadays with these beef trader hawala operatives ?
6) FYI, before making absurd statements like IAC = "I am Congress", you are strongly urged to read the IAC official website where our purpose and our list /ranking of IAC's public enemies is published for very long time.

IAC is exclusively dedicated to its ancient purpose of SWARAJ ie. expelling from Hindustan corrupting foreign colonial rulers, along with their agencies and Indian lackeys.
Foreign Rulers: Sonia "Gandhi" &Co.
Foreign Fixers: UIDAI, MNREGA, AID, Ford Foundation, George Soros
Indian Lackeys: Anna Hazare &Co, Narendra Modi &Co, Arvind Kejriwal &Co

7) Today it is very clear (to IAC) that both Mr. Modi and Mr. Kejriwal are also foreign controlled rulers (US puppet dictators) so we oppose them, their corruption, their anti-people policies and their blatant crony capitalism.


On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 11:29 AM, rohit kumar Jha <> wrote:
Dear Sarabjit roy,

Let me ask you a simple question !!

How much black money u have lost out of Demonetisation???

or will be losing it....when 85% of the economic survey has voted with positive reply why only IAC is against it ....
Hope this is not the same arvind kejriwals aganda ....if this is the one then please let me know how to unsubscribe me.....

this is the real face of the people who fight for corruption just for the sake of improving corruption ....

I openly go against the language used by IAC member on our prime minister ... 

IAC's suggestion for Mr. Modi is as follows - FIRST PUT Rs. 15 ;lakhs into BANK ACCOUNT of every Indian, and then do whatever the f**k you want to do.

let me remind you people that government or BJP had never said that it will put 15 lAKHS ON EVERY account it was congress which had come out saying so ....please provide one video where Mr.modi has said that every account will have 15 lakhs .....

Shame on IAC ......its not india against corruption anymore ....its I am congress ......unsubscribe immediately or remove sarabjit roy from IAC 

Thank and regards 

Rohit Kumar  

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