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Dear Sir,

 Please let it be understood that I am not trying to defend M.Parrikar or making any judgementRegds on his competence. I am only saying if the Pathankot incident should be a ground for seeking his resignation. Starting from 1988/89 we have lost count of the terrorists attacks both on

defence and civilian targets. Neither it is going to be the last specially when Pakistan has publically declared that they will support the efforts of non-state actors who are seeking liberation of J&K. In other words destabilise India.

Regarding his competence,I feel it is too early to judge on the parameters like modernisation of armed forces, keeping their morale high,developing  new technologies,getting necessary funds through budgetary support and investment.

You know OROP was a long pending demand and the successive Govts. mostly congress-led from 1971 onwards were postponing it on one pretext or the other. Mr. Parrikar had not the decisive role- because the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister were directly involved. We had discussed this issue in detail and finally the opinions were sharply divided. So I do not wish to start this discussion again on this link.


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While I agree with Sri Gaur on all whatever he has expressed I have to still question Mr Parikkar's competence as an RM which has stood exposed in his handling the OROP issue.  While the complete narrative of Mr Gaur is sufficient to prove that Mr Parikkar is a simple person, none of it proves his competence for the job he is assigned- ensuring the nation's defence capability of which the morale of the men behind the machines is the most important!

regards n bw


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Mr. Rodrigue's comments about Mr. Parrikar are highly subjective. It is more to do with Goa,s politics than his role as defence Minister.

The P.M must have taken into account the clean image that he has enjoyed in addition to his young age and being an IITIAN while appointing him as the defence Minister. So far he     is not involved in any scam as the defence Minister, inspite of his Ministry being notorious for shady deals.

His appointment came as a fresh airafter Congress Anthony's tenure of dismal performance.

If the Prime Minister did not take him along to france or any other country it is no reflection on Mr. Parrikar. On the contrary it shows full faith that he will take care of any untowards incident in his absence. Have the Heads of States from Russia, China,Japan and UK brought their defene Ministets when they visited India. Even the Prime Minister has not been taking the External affairs Minister with him on his tours.

First of all, why this incident at Pathankot is being blown out of proportion? It is over and done with. The Army and the Airforce must have learnt their lesson. Perhaps Mr. Parrikar should have not got himself involbed in the press briefing and should have left it to the operational heads. Besides This incident is neither the first one or will be the last one in so far as the terrorists are concerned.

It is very funny that some people are questing him on his dress code.But they did not question Chidamberam on his native dress He is the civilian head of the Ministry of defence and not a man of uniform.

Incidentally a few days back i saw his photo graph along with H. Rathore's on social media travelling in a train from Mumbai to Jaipur just like any other ordinary passenger. No Airs of a VIP. That is Parrikar for you as a man and a Minister!


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Dear Mr. Aires Rodrigues

your views deserve serious attention


On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 6:31 AM, Aires Rodrigues <> wrote:

The sordid happenings at Pathankhot over the last few days should be an eye opener.  India desperately needs a full time, dedicated and competent Defence Minister. The current incumbent who also merrily doubles up as the de- facto Chief Minister of Goa over the weekends has failed to ably lead the defence forces. His priority has been to keep himself embroiled in Goa's petty municipal and panchayat politics. Manohar Parrikar relishes in inaugurating roads, culverts, all and sundry while lowering the esteem and honor the very high position of Defence Minister entails.  

Not long ago while Narendra Modi was inking the Rafale fighter jet deal in France his Defence Minister was inaugurating a mobile fish stall in Goa.  When Modi went to Russia to sign the chopper deal, Manohar Parrikar was nowhere in sight. Probably, Modi chose to leave his Defence minister behind, lest he commits a gaffe.

After his disastrous three year tenure as Chief Minister of Goa, the awfully ego puffed Manohar Parrikar has ended up over the last year a catastrophe as Defence Minister of India. He has become a laughing stock and object of ridicule. It is high time Narendra Modi sees the writing on the wall and realises that India frantically needs a sincere, honest, competent and level headed Defence Minister.

The complete incorrect picture about Pathankhot that was sought to be given, that all operations were over, within a couple of hours, with some BJP MPs, going public in praising the Government, only to be exposed as falsehoods. The immature handling of the entire operation and the selective press leaks, still could not heal the damage done by the incompetent Defence Minister. For Manohar Parrikar, now to come out and claim that there were "some gaps" is nothing but confirming that the gap is caused due to his absence from Delhi on account of his regular hobnobbing in Goa.

Mere fact that Manohar Parrikar supported Narendra Modi for his anointing as Leader and future PM, ought not to have allowed Modi to lose his balance with this vital appointment. The position as Defence Minister is surely, not a Chairmanship of a Corporation. Nor is it for someone who seeks to play the role of a cowboy.

Manohar Parrikar gave us all those tall sermons on Zero tolerance to Corruption, but the rampant corruption which has ebbed to the peak is there for all to see. It is time for him to gracefully pack off and hang up his very soiled boots.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln 'You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time"

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