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Re: [IAC#RG] GoI's 'Safar' data exposes AAP's #ODD-EVEN flop show

The basic premise of this email chain belies logic.

1. Vehicles are an important contributor (not the only one) to pollution - YES/No?

2. More vehicles mean more pollution - must be YES, if the answer to (1) is YES.

3. Less Vehicles mean less pollution - must be YES, if answer to (2) is YES.

4. 0,5 X < X for all  X >0 . Not asking the question  YES/NO.

So having half the vehicles on the road will reduce pollution. I hope  this platform is not being used to debate this obvious fact.

Why are we not seeing the impact - I am not a weather scientist, but I would wait for a week or so before we see the change. Media reporting the data from the next day, is lack of application of mind at best  and political at worst.

Do we have comments on the implementation, and the exceptions.  Sure.  But, unless someone comes up with a more credible solution, let us give this a try.

Respectfully - 

Tridib  Roy Chowdhury. 

On Sun, Jan 10, 2016 at 5:02 PM, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
Respected Shanti Bhushan ji

The demographics of those who voted for AAP, and of those who still
believe in AAP enough to vote for them if election is held today is
fairly well known. Their populist steps are reinforcing their primary
votebank - even if alienating the second (which may mainly drift to
Congress eventually) section of their voters .

We are also not convinced that there is actually any disagreement
between BJP and AAP. We view them as 2 sides of the same coin sharing
the slogan of  "Modi for PM and AK for CM".

Even if President's Rule was "somehow" imposed again (which is
doubtful), it is not a permanent solution and it would only strengthen
AAP. and the actual questions are :-

1) What is the present alternative to AAP in Delhi ?
2) What credibility / numbers does your Swaraj Abhiyan have ?

There is no need to answer because the answer ("none") are well known.

So instead of any anti-AAP movement, it may well happen that some
"event" takes place which polarises AAP internally in a way AK
Insofar as IAC's role in any further anti-corruption andolans is
concerned, of course we welcome everybody who shares our core views,

A) IAC is patriotic and anti-foreigner, so this currently means that
US sponsored anti-national entities like BJP, RSS, Gandhi-ites, are to
be opposed / rejected.

B) We are anti-World Bank imposed agendas, so LOKPAL is opposed

C) IAC stands for a united socialist secular republican agenda which
is documented in our manifesto and charter.



On 1/10/16, Shanti Bhushan <> wrote:
> I entirely agree with Venkatraman.kejriwal Kejriwal has taken politics to a
> new low.He has fully embraced corruption.He is doing nothing to improve the
> lives of people in Delhi and only doing self propagation by using public
> money and buying the media.It is now important in public interest that he is
> removed from office as early as possible.The central govt has adequate
> grounds to remove him and impose Prsidents rule as he is repeatedly flouting
> the constitution.The constitution provides for imposition of Presidents rule
> if the central govt is satisfied that a govt is not acting as per the
> constitution.But the central govt is likely to take this step only if they
> feel that the people of Delhi want his removal.A campaigne needs to be
> organised to voice this demand.Can the volunteers of Anti corruption
> movement organise this?
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>> On 09-Jan-2016, at 6:58 pm, Venkatraman Ns <>
>> wrote:
>> AAP has given the ultimate blow to the anti corruption movement in India.

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- Tridib Roy Chowdhury
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