Monday, January 11, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] GoI's 'Safar' data exposes AAP's #ODD-EVEN flop show

No I am sure Arvind is engaging in direct financial corruption.that is taking big bribesth4ough his henchmen.
I am not aware of either Sunita Kejriwals mid caree r training in Amsterdam or about the family's Swiss vacation.
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> On 11-Jan-2016, at 4:06 am, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
> Respected Shanti Bhushan ji
> I presume that you mean Arvind Kejriwal has embraced corruption in its
> wider sense, ie. not strictly in terms of financial corruption per se
> by way of taking direct bribes, but in a more general sense of
> anything which corrupts or influences by extraneous considerations his
> performance as a Chief Minister.
> If there was so actually so much tension between Centre and State,
> would Arun Jaitley have approved Ms.Sunita Kejriwal's recent trip to
> Amsterdam for Mid-career training program ? Would Arvind Kejriwal
> really get away with abusing his wife's ultimate boss.
> I seem to recall that when the controversy over Ms.Kejriwal paying for

> the Swiss family Kejriwal's vacation through a PF loan arose,
> apparently an AAP spokesperson said
> "Why can't Kejriwal's family spend time in Swiss resorts ?
> Obviously they didn't go there to open a bank account"
> Was it Mr.Jaitleys strong PR who got this story pulled from national media ?
> And why didn't any of the Ambani controlled / funded TV networks run
> it prominently ?
> And most importantly, why did the Income Tax Depts' CPIO deny RTI informants
> who applied to know.about this Swiss trip.
> Sir, this is all theatrics to distract public from the wholesale
> corruption which BJP
> and AAP are doing jointly and in collusion.
> Sarbajit
>> On 1/10/16, Shanti Bhushan <> wrote:
>> In my opinion Arvind Kejriwal has already embraced corruption.He was
>> supported by all of us quite vigorously to usher in an era of clean
>> politics,He has shamelessly and ruthlessly abandoned that path and made it
>> quite difficult for people to repose much faith in any future attempts to
>> clean up politics and to make it an honest pursuit to find solutions to the
>> problems of different sections of people with the help of experts in those
>> fields.It is in my opinion therefore necessary that Kejriwal gets punished
>> for so blatantly betraying a noble cause.I have not the least doubt that
>> once he is out of power his party itself will disintegrate .He had made 70
>> promises but has not taken any steps to fulfil any of them.It is my
>> experience that any edifice based on falsehood and fraud does not last too
>> long.I agree that while Swaraj Abhiyan may be doing good work it is not a
>> political force .I however believe that as time passes ,since no improvement
>> is taking place in any sector,dissatisfaction against the AAP govt will keep
>> growing.Perhaps the municipal elections in 2017 might show this.The
>> elections to the Rajya Sabha from Delhi for the three Delhi seats have to be
>> held before 27th January 2018.If Arinds govt continues till then all the
>> three seats will go to Arvinds nominees.I don't think the Central Govt will
>> allow this to happen.They may either impose Presidents rule before that date
>> as Arvind every day keeps acting contrary to the constitution repeatedly,or
>> they may cause a split to take place among the MLAs leading to the fall of
>> govt.I know that most of the MLAs of AAP are corrupt and can be lured.Let us
>> wait see how things unfold.
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>>> On 10-Jan-2016, at 5:02 pm, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
>>> Respected Shanti Bhushan ji
>>> The demographics of those who voted for AAP, and of those who still
>>> believe in AAP enough to vote for them if election is held today is
>>> fairly well known. Their populist steps are reinforcing their primary
>>> votebank - even if alienating the second (which may mainly drift to
>>> Congress eventually) section of their voters .
>>> We are also not convinced that there is actually any disagreement
>>> between BJP and AAP. We view them as 2 sides of the same coin sharing
>>> the slogan of "Modi for PM and AK for CM".
>>> Even if President's Rule was "somehow" imposed again (which is
>>> doubtful), it is not a permanent solution and it would only strengthen
>>> AAP. and the actual questions are :-
>>> 1) What is the present alternative to AAP in Delhi ?
>>> 2) What credibility / numbers does your Swaraj Abhiyan have ?
>>> There is no need to answer because the answer ("none") are well known.
>>> So instead of any anti-AAP movement, it may well happen that some
>>> "event" takes place which polarises AAP internally in a way AK
>>> misreads.
>>> .
>>> Insofar as IAC's role in any further anti-corruption andolans is
>>> concerned, of course we welcome everybody who shares our core views,
>>> ie..
>>> A) IAC is patriotic and anti-foreigner, so this currently means that
>>> US sponsored anti-national entities like BJP, RSS, Gandhi-ites, are to
>>> be opposed / rejected.
>>> B) We are anti-World Bank imposed agendas, so LOKPAL is opposed
>>> C) IAC stands for a united socialist secular republican agenda which
>>> is documented in our manifesto and charter.
>>> sincerely
>>> Sarbajit
>>>> On 1/10/16, Shanti Bhushan <> wrote:
>>>> I entirely agree with Venkatraman.kejriwal Kejriwal has taken politics to
>>>> a
>>>> new low.He has fully embraced corruption.He is doing nothing to improve
>>>> the
>>>> lives of people in Delhi and only doing self propagation by using public
>>>> money and buying the media.It is now important in public interest that he
>>>> is
>>>> removed from office as early as possible.The central govt has adequate
>>>> grounds to remove him and impose Prsidents rule as he is repeatedly
>>>> flouting
>>>> the constitution.The constitution provides for imposition of Presidents
>>>> rule
>>>> if the central govt is satisfied that a govt is not acting as per the
>>>> constitution.But the central govt is likely to take this step only if
>>>> they
>>>> feel that the people of Delhi want his removal.A campaigne needs to be
>>>> organised to voice this demand.Can the volunteers of Anti corruption
>>>> movement organise this?
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