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Re: [IAC#RG] [Ola Support] #49676314 - Regarding your call to Ola

Thanks for this information.

I also noticed that Hindus are being discriminated by Ola co. drivers,
especially in Kolkata, and rides are being cancelled by drivers from
this partciular community. Kudo to Hindu Samaj for agitating this

Ola drivers are also not switching on government meters during the
ride so GPS is bypassed and OLA can charge looting fare in name of
"dynamic" pricing.


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Dear Ola Cabs

This is further to our several complaints that OLA cabs are grossly
over-charging members of Hindu Samaj of India by upto 400% over the
official rates for cab services in Delhi. We have also protested that
our drivers of a particular religion are discriminating against Hindu
Samaj by cancelling rides of our memberships. It is very strange that
you have not answered our complaints properly and sacked those

As discussed, we have accessed the rate card section for "Micro" and
"Mini" Can sections on your app. We summarise these as follows:-

1) MICRO - Rs. 40 as upfront fee, Rs. 6 per km and Rs. 1 per minute (ride time).
2) MINI - Rs. 50 as upfront fee, Rs. 8 per km and Rs. 1 per minute (ride time).
Taxes and tolls extra. (please point out errors, if any)

Kindly note that M/s ANI Technologies (P) Ltd. and its CEO Mr.Bhaveesh
Agrawal have undertaken to the Hon'ble Delhi High Court (August 2016)
in a contempt petition against them that they will not charge over and
beyond the fares notified by the Delhi Govt. (presently Rs. 10 per km
and Rs. 13 per km respectively) for these categories. No ride time
charges are allowed and obviously this includes OLA's upfront fees.
Kindly update us if there is any change in status

We also notice that you are using All India Tourist Permit taxi cabs
with out-of-state registrations to provide pick up and and drops
within Delhi. FTI, The Delhi Govt. has notified the rate as Rs. 5 per
km for such taxi cabs (the copy of which is with us).

Accordingly, kindly ensure that all rates quoted to members of our
organisation - HINDU SAMAJ of INDIA - are not charged beyond the Delhi
Govt fares under any circumstances, failing which riders from our
organisation shall get the offending cabs impounded by the police /
transport and insist on paying as per the official meter only.

We also request you to kindly provide the reference no/ / date of
OLA's registration with Delhi Govt. under section 93 of Motor Vehicles
Act which is mandatory for all cab aggregators to canvass for booking
cabs in Delhi.

A copy of this email is being circulated widely to Hindu Samaj and its
affiliated networks.


RP Dalvi
General Secretary
Hindu Samaj of India

On 6/7/17, Ola Support <> wrote:
> ##- Please type your reply above this line -##
> Ola Rajinder
> Thank you for contacting us.
> We hope we were able to address your query on ride rates.
> In future, you can access the rate card of any cab category and city at your
> convenience on your Ola app. Please follow the simple steps for the same:
> - Double-tap or press and hold a cab category icon (Ex: Micro, Mini or
> Prime) to get the fare breakup of that category.
> - You can also check fares after you've chosen a category and selected RIDE
> NOW or RIDE LATER. You'll see a Rate Card button that you can tap to check
> fares.
> - We have a Rate Card section in the app where you can check fares for
> different cities.
> You can also check fares for different cities on our website-
> We have created a ticket for your reference (Ticket 49676314) and marked it
> as resolved for now. Please reply to this email if you have any questions.
> Hope to see you on-board soon.
> Thank you.
> Ola Support

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