Saturday, June 10, 2017

[IAC#RG] Judiciary needs more investment

Public Belief in justice is dying slowly, due to very slow justice delivery system. Not only public but now a days government servants also suggests that there is nothing in wasting time and money for going to court, cases will run for years so settle the cases outside the court. And this outside court settlement system is the worst system being followed, in this case truth never gets full justice. And due to this the whole system is being getting trapped in the net of confusion, unsaticfactory belief, corrupt and the world of lies - best line to describe it is - "Tum kaunsa dudh ke dhule ho". And this line applies to all.

In the coin ruling economy also if we pay labour and servants coin supplied by banks, then they will utilize those coin in purchasing goods. At last when banks will not accept coin then those coin will again come to small businessman because they are not competitor in the circle they are survivor. They have to survive in the system to live. And when these coins are killing these survivor by the accumulation of coins and blocking their investment, then they have to say that in the corporate world justice system does not work only donations work. Govt gives subsidy to corporate world subsidy. Instead of this subsidy if the same amount is invested in giving fast service fast road hospital and all. Due to Jam people struck in Jam for hours and hours and Govt says you are not paying tax. Why should we pay tax to struck in Jam, believe in taxation system will only work when system will work.

Yesterday I was blocked in a road Jam around Jalagarh town in Bihar due to Jam. The Jam was due to Labour accident case. As we all know that in Bihar Alcohol is banned. So when some labour was drinking alcohol in the evening, police came and start beating them and due to this one labour ran and truck killed the labour. Due to this 5 to 6 Hours NH 57 was blocked by public in demand for justice. Their question was why Police beat the labour if he was doing anything wrong then why he was not arrested by police. And such question is also questioning me if I was police then what should I do. Police integrity trusts depends on Judiciary System, and when Justice is not being delivered then the Police who comes in the Public Police Justice System then the trusts and integrity both breaks and the whole system of danda gun system starts working. The system of discussion listening stops. Either money works or danda. And when such accident happens then we understand that this danda system is not long lasting system. In this system all of them only cries. There I was seeing people police and whole public was crying. No point of satisfaction only money or tears or the shut mouth was seeing.

We needs to strengthen our justice delivery system.

Ankit Khetan

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