Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] Dismiss Rawat


The emails posted to this list by our esteemed veterans seem to imply
that the actions of the Indian Army are above scrutiny or criticism by

We, the list moderators of India Against Corruption, hereby clarify
that our forum shall never prevent or discourage genuine or expert
criticsm of any branch of the Indian State - including the armed
forces or the MoD.

Because the link posted by Gen. Katoch is from a "fake-news" Hindu
front organisation website whose authenticity is dubious, and because
there seems to be no official statement as yet from the Indian Army or
any wing of Govt that the individual tied to the jeep is actually a
terrorist / anti-national / ringleader (and we only have Major Gogoi's
word for it) the members are requested not to use abusive terms to
refer to other members or to impugn their sanity, competence or

Finally, we at IAC we will not trust the Govt blindly. for instance we
(civilians) are still waiting for official proof that the Govt. of
India actually carried out effective counter-strikes in response to
the attack on the army's Uri camp last September ( RTIs we have filed
have not been properly replied to).
Sarbajit Roy

On 6/5/17, Prakash Katoch <prakashkatoch7@gmail.com> wrote:
> Sir,
> There are plenty stupid people around and I don't get into discussions like
> this. I had only posted this link to help them discover their stupidity.
> Warm regards.
> Prakash.
> On Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 7:19 AM, PRAKASH GOKARN <prakashgokarn@hotmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Dear Prakash,
>> With due respect, I suggest that the words 'stupid COAS' be removed from
>> the
>> Subject heading.
>> We should not be seen denigrating an appointment. But a particular
>> person.
>> I think this 'chain' was started by a civilian. Should we encourage it?
>> Regards,
>> Prakash Gokarn
>> On 1 Jun 2017, at 09:01, Prakash Katoch <prakashkatoch7@gmail.com> wrote:
>> *Innocent Man?
>> http://www.hindupost.in/politics/meet-innocent-man-tied-indian-army-jeep-closer-look-farooq-ahmed-dar/
>> <http://www.hindupost.in/politics/meet-innocent-man-tied-indian-army-jeep-closer-look-farooq-ahmed-dar/>*

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