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India Against Corruption

                                            WHITHER  MR. MODI'S  ANTI  CORRUPTION  WAR ?

The question uppermost in the mind of the people now is whether Mr. Modi would really succeed in ensuring a corruption free India. Large number of people appear to be still sceptical, though they think that Mr. Modi is very sincere and they wish him well.

With the government machinery and the law enforcing agencies themselves  considerably corrupt, with many politicians both in Mr. Modi's party and in the opposition parties suspected to be of indulging in corrupt practices and with the  black money  becoming an essential need for the political parties to fight elections, many people seem to think that Mr. Modi may be waging a losing battle against corruption.


However, the redeeming fact that has come out after the demonetization exercise is  that the people are willing to stand by Mr. Modi in his battle. They expect him to give a very strong lead for the anti corruption movement in India and people would follow if it would be practically possible.

Mr. Modi's New Year eve speech on 31st December,2016 certainly has made people think that here is a Prime Minister who has the courage to say that dishonest and corrupt officials will not be spared.

Mr. Modi has certainly kindled  hope amongst common men  that the anti corruption movement would go forward and would  succeed sooner or later.


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