Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Dear Mr. Venkatraman

The orientation of IAC movement has changed, and today we are focussed on HIGH LEVEL CORRUPTION and are least concerned with petty corruption of a few crores.

Accordingly, kindly be focussed on the MASSIVE DEMONETISATION SCAM being pulled off by Mr. Narendra Modi and his cronies without caring at all for the misery and suffering of the common people who are dying in hundreds.

If demonetisation is to suceed, unlikely now that more notes have returned than were ever issued, there has to be a) replacement currency / coins available on demand and b) Clarity on who willl bear the huge loss for this failed exercise.

Actually, this dementisation farce has made it very clear that

A) RBI 's bank notes are easily forged paper, worthless compared to their coins (which even today have an intrinsic metal value between 17% to 45% for new series coins)

B) RBI has been issuing currency notes far in excess of its statutory limits so as to finance the massively false inflation which is perceived to be "good times" (acche din).

It is no coincidence that the international finance mafias have inserted 2 highly pliable foreigners as RBI Governors to carry out their plan to beat the Indian Rupee down to record levels. So now suddenly, the Indian Rupee is to become the most valuable among convertible currencies for these speculators to profit from ?

INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION (being an ancient order) has always known about these rascals and their schemes, which is why we have for long listed out our purpose and our foes

IAC is exclusively dedicated to its ancient purpose of SWARAJ ie. expelling from Hindustan corrupting foreign colonial rulers, along with their agencies and Indian lackeys.

Foreign Rulers: Sonia "Gandhi" &Co.
Foreign Fixers: UIDAI, MNREGA, AID, Ford Foundation, George Soros
Indian Lackeys: Anna Hazare &Co, Narendra Modi &Co, Arvind Kejriwal &Co

NB: These scamps are all rotated amongst themselves to keep the ordinary public distracted and confused.

Sarbajit Roy

On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 9:57 AM, Venkatraman Ns <nsvenkatchennai@gmail.com> wrote:


India Against Corruption

                                                            NEED TO KEEP VIGIL ON ERRANT TAX OFFICIALS AND BANK STAFF


It causes huge concern that some bank staff and tax officials have been caught indulging in money laundering, amounting to several crores of rupees  in the wake of demonetization announcement.

While  the nation has recognized that many bank employees and tax officials have raised up to the occasion after the demonetization regulations and are putting forth hard and positive efforts, a small segment of such staff and officials can derail the entire demonetization objectives by playing corrupt and dishonest role.

Without tackling this problem , the government would be hard pressed to take the demonetization policy to the logical end.

It is obvious that large section of country men appreciate the need for demonetization and want it to succeed.

All the anti corruption crusaders and concerned Indians should keep a watch on the conduct of the tax officials and bank staff and if they would come across any act of misdemeanour on their part, it should be immediately reported to the vigilance department.

Active support of the anti corruption crusaders is vitally needed at this stage.

N.S. Venkataraman

Nandini Voice For The Deprived


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