Saturday, December 10, 2016

[IAC#RG] More raids on Delhi Lawyers reveal massive stash of new notes

Exposing all those planted stories about Total Secrecy in demonetiosation, the Delhi Police has allegedly today once again uncovered about 20 crores of undeclared cash with Lawyer Rohit Tandon's law firm T&T partners.

This same Rohit Tandon was allegedly raided on 6 Oct 2016 (Many days before RBI Central Board's infamous Kanpur meeting on 20 Oct 2016) where Rs. 125 crores in cash was found (of course it is not illegal to keep so much cash unless it is undeclared). Per reports the IT dept was selectively going after "people who get things done" (ie. fixers).

A private video of the raid can be seen here

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