Friday, December 9, 2016

[IAC#RG] Censorship has begun over a nation of sheep

Dear Mrs. Joya Roy

The President of Institute of Chartered Accountants, on 9 Dec 2016, has advised its members to fully support the Govt on demonetistion and to refrain from saying anything against the Govt. / scheme on public forums.

Members are strictly advised not to indulge in any nefarious act as to subvert the intentions of the Government in any remote possible way. The members are also advised not to share /write any negative personal views by way of an article or interview on any platform regarding demonetisation.

All members are, once again, advised to be more cautious and careful while advising their clients, sharing/writing of their views on any platform regarding demonetisation and work towards the best interest of the nation in keeping with true spirit of the principle of ICAI - "Partner in Nation Building".

(M. Devaraja Reddy)
President, ICAI

This kind of blatant censorship shows that ICAI is yet another institution that has been infiltrated and taken over by Satanic forces who want to turn India into "nation of sheep".

Shame Shame Shame, Hari Om

RP Dalvi

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