Monday, May 29, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] Dismiss this stupid COAS "Rawat"

Somehow, despite being an Army veteran, I do not agree with the Army Chief. I cannot help saying this, having been in legal profession for 34 years. My brother veterans may disagree with me. Army Chief must remember that Kashmiri people are our own people. They are not enemy. Dar, the Kashmiri who was tied, was returning after having cast his vote. He, as reported, even showed the ink mark on his finger. Despite that Major Gogoi tied him up on the bonnet of his jeep and paraded him for over five hours through 25 villages! What was Major Gogoi trying to convey to the Kashmiris? Was he not trying to intimidate the Kashmiri people? I also ask myself, "is the life of Dar of any less importance than the lives of any one Major Gogoi was trying to save? What would have happened if Dar had been shot dead by the mob - the mob sees no reasons. Sorry  General, you have added insult to injury by commending the act of an erring Major by bestowing upon him "Commendation Card". I would say that dealing with situation in Kashmir is the job of Police, and General, if you do have the guts, tell the Modi Govt that it is not Army's job. I am also surprised that many veterans, including Ex Army Chief General VP Malik supported this act of Major Gogoi and of Army Chief of commending it. 

However, I am glad that Lt Gen HS Panag (Retd) (ex Member Armed Forces Tribunal at Chandigarh) has come out deprecating Gogoi's act and COAS's rewarding Gogoi. Even a serving three star General has criticised it saying "we would discuss this (Gogoi's and COAS act) later! 

Let's show compassion. Let's show restrain. Let's not alienate them. If we do we would be doing a great wrong. Let's not do anything that would make us lose Kashmir. I am of the view that Army can never be the solution to this problem. 

Media too was quick to go to Gogoi's mother and Assam,  who were jubiliating Gogoi's action. Did media ask her what would be her reaction had Gogoi been similarly tied and paraded? Did media visit Dar's mother or village. I ask all those commending Gogoi's act as to how would they feel had they or their wards been similarly tied and paraded?

Gogoi says Dar was stone pelter and perhaps ring leader. Dar says he was returning after having cast his vote and showed the voting mark to Gogoi. Who to believe. It is neither media's job, nor mine nor anyone else's. It is also not Army's COI job. We all know such COI's suffer from command influence (read PP Singh VS UOI (SC)). I also have personal experience when I was defending an Army Colonel in an SGCM in Akhnoor. 

Let there be an independent inquiry - may be by a Parliamentary Committee. 

MG Kapoor (veteran)


On Mon, 29 May 2017 at 11:24 PM, Dr. J. K. Chaudhry <> wrote:
I second Mr.S.N.Datt.
Some,knowing it was commendable,refuse to concede human rights of victims,army men,peaceful citizens and everyone EXCEPT TERRORISTS MILITANTS.
When they fight against Gaddafi,Assad,Afghan King,...they are rebels with a cause.,with human rights.
When they fight /hurt USA ,UK,France ,Germany ,they are terrorists.
When they fight against India,they are jihadist warranting heaven on earth,and,hereafter
Jannat with Huurs ,eternal paradise

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On May 29, 2017, at 6:39 PM, Sn Datt <> wrote:

Mr Dalvi
What alternate action are you suggesting that Mag Gogoi should have carried out.
Instead of condemning come out with a better and effective action plan.
Suggest volunteer to face stone peters and try negotiating .
I as an ex serviceman am really proud of out of the box initiative of the Major.
May his tribe multiply.

Sqn ldr  sn datt
IAF retd

On 29 May 2017 12:41 am, "Rajinder Dalvi" <> wrote:
A Kashmiri goes to vote in troubled times; braving the scorn of his
fellowmen (who mostly want to secede from India), and the response of
the Indian Army's officer is to tie him up, and drive him around for 5
hours on the bonnet of a jeep. Then the COAS commends his junior for
this blatant assault on democracy while the CoI is underway.

If Farooq Ahmed Dar is indeed a "terrorist" and/or "ringleader" (both
words being included as Unparliamentary ones) then Army should either
arrest Dar, or summon him as a witness in the court of inquiry against
Gogoi, or else eliminate him in a staged encounter as is usually done
in J&K (eg. Pathrabal) and then conduct a proforma CoI/CM.

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