Wednesday, May 31, 2017

[IAC#RG] Why Arvind Kejriwal is not filing defamation

Why  Arvind Kejriwal is not filing defamation suit against sacked minister Kapil sharma for making baseless allegation on daily basis ?Kapil seems to be smarter than his former guru  .He knows  Kejriwalji has no money to hire a lawyer to fight his personal cases .Kejriwal  cannot pay from state exchequer nor he can take money from party's fund.Even if L-G okays utilisation of public money to fight his legal cases,both LG & CM will be pulled up by CAG .CAG is not under Modi or Jaitley.He does not depend on Govt for primotion .
Election Commission may go to the extent of disqualying him for several years if he utilises party's fund for  personal cases.even if CAG & EC look the other way, there is a Brahmastra called PIL .Any citizen can utilize it .Jethmalani's INR four crore as fees and related
Expenses for Kejriwalji's case remain pending .Can LG okay the pending lawyer's fees to the tune of Rs four crore by passing the rule book and norms?

Hence ,hoping against hope
that Kejriwalji will come out of the red before  next Delhi assembly election about two and a half years later !

From PK Chakravarty

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