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Re: [IAC#RG] Can nation be trusted in hands of Gujaratis ?

Can nation be trusted in hands of Gujaratis?

Answer is - Why not when we have trusted corrupt dynasty for 6 decades and illegal immigation and fake notes !!

Why not, when we trusted people from UP to dominate in all spheres during those years !!

Of course, Modi displays insecurity as he keeps adding more folks from Gujarat at the help of affairs. Not desirable at all when we have 29 states and many of them bigger than Gujarat in terms of population and GDP.

Modi is fighting both sides (elements in BJP pariwar and opposition whose only aim is to protect their corrupt turf) and can easily be removed from power / gaddi whenever people want it. Even mighty Indira could not sustain Emergency for 21 months and bowed out.

He has put his political stake in demonetization. If he wins/fails, he gets bouquets / brickbats respectively. Senior BJP leaders will be baying for his blood and are waiting for an opportunity to pounce on him.

But all steps taken in this exercise seems to be well thought out including cash rationing and people pain. People believe that 2000/ notes will be demonetized soon. He has rationed 500/ notes so it is not hoarded (instead of 2000/)

I have talked to people in my network across states (Rural / Urban), whatsapp groups and in ATM queues - 90% have supported demonetization despite hardships.

Most of us would agree 99% of politicians are corrupt. They act not as people servant but as their master. Financial corruption is the root cause of all other forms of corruptions.  It should be  actually corrupt politicians vs people but we are divided by language, religion, caste, wealth, color, creed etc. Modi has fired first shot on black money. It has certainly weakened strong & corrupt (mostly politicians, govt babus) during money laundering process. Let us wait for his 30-Dec announcement.

Proof of the pudding will be UP election!! Let us see who wins in Modi vs Mahagathbandhan battle.


From: Prodipto Roy <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2016 7:44 PM
Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] Can nation be trusted in hands of Gujaratis ?

I fail to understand why Modi is credited with the economic rise of Gujarat. It was booming before the BJP itself was created, in the time of Chimanbhai Patel, for instance. In British times Gujaratis moved out of their region and bought up extensive properties in Bombay and in Calcutta, the first Raj capital. In fact, we could go back over 3-4000 years to Harappan times to see how Gujarati businesses together with Chinese traders on the Silk Route and countries of the Near East established cities, ports, carnelian and silk factories (and, later, diamond polishing houses) as important international manufacturing and trading centres in South Asia.
Modi's contribution has been to bend legislation and mould  political opinion to favour a certain class of business people with a particular religious affilliation, at the expense of its minority and ethnic tribal population.
And under him it has indeed become a police state, home to faked terrorist attacks, fake encounters,  killing of innocent 'suspects' in police custody and a state-supported pogrom against Muslims, else why were his police chief and minister arrested and put into jail after 2002? There has been grievious dispossession of tribal, farming and minority communities and huge environmental degradation by irresponsible industrial houses. The Sabarmati river and Alang are among the most polluted places on earth. Gujarat's future generations will pay the price for these policies.
Joya Roy
On 14 Dec 2016 18:58, "Rajinder Dalvi" <> wrote:
Gujarat has always been better developed compared to rest of India. Certain communities of Gujarat / Rajasthan control the traditional money supply, diamond, broking and commodity trading of India and remit their money made in rest of India back to their native place. Discovery of oil / gas near Kallol, Ankleshwar etc and Cambay gave rise to strong petrochemicals industry complexes.

Boom of Gujarat is also because laws were selectively created and bent by Modi to promote capitalism coinciding with boom in stock markets from 2000 til 2012 . One such discriminatory law is the "Gujarat Prohibition of Transfer of Immovable Property for Protection of Tenants from Eviction from premises in Disturbed Areas Act,1991". This misleadingly named law, ostensibly to protect Muslims, has instead enabled Hindus to buy Muslim properties in Hindu areas cheaply after Modi amended it in 2009.

Gujarat is a police-cum-mafia state today. Prohibition has enabled liquor and drugs to be made freely available everywhere, home delivered at 2-3 times the MRP. Waves upon waves of socially engineered violence have ensured that ghettoisation of Muslims in Gujarat is a reality which cannot be denied except by the bigoted. links below

It is disturbing if rabidly communal peopl have assumed the reins of national government and also the armed forces and they are sacrificing the nation at the altar of expediency, corruption and cheap popularity.


RP Dalvi static/html/fl2020/stories/ 20031010003303900.htm indiarealtime/2013/05/06/a- new-twist-on-ahmedabads- segregation/ 2009jul17/modi_govt_amend_law_ make_tougher_muslims_buy_ hindu_properties.html#. WFE9G3qPuTs

On Wed, Dec 14, 2016 at 2:44 PM, Anand Gangoli <> wrote:
The comments of Mr Dalvi against Gujeratis is an indication of some sort of envy. There is no doubt that Gujerat has developed very fast during the last decade and more. This  development took place in spite of Congress being at the centre for 8 of the last 10 years. No one can deny that Narendra Modi as the chief minister was responsible for the rapid development of Gujerat, with little assistance from the centre. This was achieved largely because of hard work, initiatives (and some calculated risks) taken, and a tight administration which drastically reduced opportunities for corruption.
I  have found no signs of a fascist state in Gujerat. To make a general statement that Hindu builders do not sell property to Muslims is irresponsible. It is possible that Mr Dalvi is aware of some particular case, and if so, this should be considered an aberration. Basically Gujeratis are businessmen, and will sell an apartment or anything else to anyone who is willing to pay the right price.That is perhaps the secret of their success in commerce. Having said that, the Muslims do need to make efforts to integrate with the rest of our population, and not view the entire world as a  Muslims vs the rest contest. 
As for Gujerat or (India) being a Fascist state, I can only comment that  had this been true, we would not have been enjoying the freedom of speech (or e mail) as we are enjoying at present!
Anand S Gangoli

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