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Re: [IAC#RG] the 'hard life' of army veterans

I just clicked on 'reply'. Not only the veterans, their families too. I saw how in 1962 my soldier's wife, my sister, gave her marriage jewellery to help finance relief and all army women knitted socks for the jawans on the front. Most of the fatalities in 1962 were due to zero acclimatization, mountain sickness leading to pulmonary odema (including of Gen. Kaul himself), and hypothermia. And a very confused command hierarchy (see D. K. Palit's War in High Himalaya, he was DMO then).

The situation will not be different in a future war in that sector no matter how much is spent on jets and new weaponry, given the high preparedness of the PLA and their political bosses. I have spent nights in PLA camps in Tibet on a journey to and fro Lhasa and seen the troops' high morale, excellent health status, good food supplies, visible mental resilience and, most of all, high altitude acclimatization on the Tibetan plateau at 12,000'.

Joya Roy

On 3 Apr 2018 7:57 a.m., "Aprrajita Sharma" <> wrote:
Your initiative to highlight how deserving veterans await due recognition while underseving ones are getting rewarded.

Also, how did you find my email address, I dont particularly recall knowing you, is there a common acquaintance? 


On 2 Apr 2018 21:21, "Prodipto Roy" <> wrote:

Sorry, I didn't understand - what initiative do you speak of?

Joya Roy

On 2 Apr 2018 9:19 p.m., "Aprrajita Sharma" <> wrote:
What a brilliant initiative. We vote for governments to place our TAXES into well deserved projects campaigns and recognitions. Thankyou for raising this burning issue. God bless Bhaarat. 
Jai bharti!

On 2 Apr 2018 07:47, "Prodipto Roy" <> wrote:

For Omkar Razdan ji.:

Many of us have soldiers in our families, who lived with bodies full of shrapnel and shellshocked ears till the end of their lives, having served at many war fronts. Some were  decorated, some forgotten. My IMA surgeon grandfather served in Mesopotamia, Cremia, Egypt in WWI, amputating wounded limbs of soldiers without anaesthesia or antibiotics, hearing their screams and seeing them die anyway which made him turn atheist.

Sarbajit's grandfather, also an army surgeon, was a Japanese POW for three years, living in the most inhuman conditions in SE Asia.

Which fronts did you and Annaji serve at? Please inform year, rank  and roles. What 'hard life' are you referring to?

My Mama Gen.  D.K. Palit in 1948 was the first army man to enter old Leh, where he secured the city against the so-called raiders, while Major Sharma lost his life defending Srinagar. My brother in-law lived near the Siachen glacier for three years in huge hardship.

We would like to felicitate you for your role in defending the motherland so please inform what assignments you and Annaji went on in service.

Joya Roy

On 28 Mar 2018 7:33 p.m., "Omkar Razdan" <> wrote:
respected Advocate Sahib

It would be very helpful if you comment over the ethicsless colleagues in your own profession. That would be creditworthy and appropriate
Regards & best wishes

Er. Omkar Razdan, Former Vice Chairman and, Life Member, Transparency International,India,

On Wednesday, 14 March, 2018, 7:42:33 AM IST, Aires Rodrigues <> wrote:

Over the last 50 years I have had the occasion to closely interact with some very good, not so good and some very awful Chief Secretaries and Director Generals of Police.  But the current Chief Secretary Dharmendra Sharma and DGP Dr Muktesh Chander could be rated very poorly for their miserable performance as both talk a lot but have sadly failed to walk their talk.


As the two most vital beauracrats of the State it was incumbent on them to be vigilant and loyal to the interests of Goa. But the two having acting as caged parrots of the ruling brigade have failed in their bounden duty to safeguard even the fundamental provisions of our Constitution and the framework of law.   


The bureaucrats should be independent and impartial while ensuring that the administration is free from political interference.  They should not shamelessly bow, bend and crawl all over, while blindly signing on the dotted line at the dictates of the political bosses.  Infact the bureaucrats must strictly function within the parameters of law and cannot end up being spineless slaves of the Political masters.


A bureaucrat by law is constitutionally duty bound to be politically neutral at all times. Ruling politicians cannot be using bureaucrats as pawns in their political games. We need to stem this interdependent chronic relationship that exists between Ministers and Civil servants. For Good Governance and Rule of law to prevail, the political neutrality and impartiality of the civil servants is very vital.  With bureaucrats acting as colluding caged parrots, the ruling party has been able to carry on with the further destruction and degradation of Goa. Once the Pearl of the Orient, it has now been reduced to a Corruption embedded gambling, prostitution, narcotics and crime hub.


The law requires that no Government servant should be politically biased or inclined to any party. May these great words of our late President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam be an inspiration to them all in the discharge of their duties. "If you salute your duty, you no need to salute anybody, but if you pollute your duty, you have to salute everybody". 

Aires Rodrigues

Advocate High Court

C/G-2, Shopping Complex

Ribandar Retreat,

Ribandar – Goa – 403006

Mobile No: 9822684372

Office Tel  No: (0832) 2444012




You can also reach me on AiresRodrigues


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