Wednesday, March 7, 2018

[IAC#RG] Possible corruption in ECI in my pending RTI matter

Shri K.F. Wilfred
Principal Secretary

Respected Sir

I am informed from ECI website that you are First Appellate Authority for RTI matters. hence this email.

I refer to RTI requests filed by myself to your Commission which despite being duly registered and numbered on DoPT's RTIONLINE filing system are not being attended to by your Commission. Even my First Appeal was not being attended until I protested.

In these circumstances I am giving you clear advance notice and caution that you should dispose, well in time, my pending First Appeal No. ECOMM/A/2018/60085 against my non-replied RTI request no. ECOMM/R/2017/51864 dated 28/12/2017.

Considering the considerable delay in disposing my RTI request and seeing that the prescribed time period of 30 days to provide me requested information is long expired I am entitled to receive information free of cost.

I also give you clear notice that if you now direct transfer of my RTI request to any other public authority, (eg. to Shri Mukul Gupta, Sr. Advocate and Secretary of RTI Department of All India Congress Committee, Off: 24 Akbar Road, New Delhi 110011) in whole or part, you will kindly also direct the transferee, under your Commission's statutory and all inherent powers, that the requested information is to be provided to me immediately and free of cost.

For your ready reference the text of my RTI request is appended below


Sarbajit Roy

Online RTI Request Form Details

RTI Request Details :-
RTI Request Registration number ECOMM/R/2017/51864
Public Authority Election Commission of India
Personal Details of RTI Applicant:-
Name Sarbajit Roy
Gender Male
Address c/o Arya Samaj of India , B-59 Defence Colony, New Delhi
Pincode 110024
Country India
State Delhi
Educational Status Literate
 Above Graduate
Phone Number Details not provided
Mobile Number +91-8010205897
Email-ID sroy[dot]mb[at]gmail[dot]com
Request Details :-
Citizenship Indian Is the Requester Below Poverty Line ? No (Description of Information sought (upto 500 characters) Description of Information Sought



I am given to understand that the main national political parties of India are public authority under RTI Act 2005 but they are not disclosing their CPIOs, CAPIOs and First Appellate officers to the citizens of India and are refusing to accept the Rs. 10 application fees for filing RTI request to them.

I am given to understand that Honble CIC has found 6 national political parties are public authority under RTI Act and directed INC/AICC and 5 other political parties to appoint CPIOs and set up requisite RTI infrastructure.

I am very concerned to learn that Shri Rahul Gandhi MP was recently appointed President of INC/AICC only after deceitful portrayals of him in the media (incl. social media) as being a Janeudhari Brahmin caste Hindu, a Shiv Bhakt and a descendant of Lord Parsurama. Please see newspaper reports, eg. Shiva Bhakt Rahul Gandhi is descendant of Lord Parashurama Controversial poster appear in Amethi in Financial Express online edition dated 15.Dec.2017.

Previously also in about 14 April 2012 Shri Gandhi MP had self declared himself in the media to be a Brahmin and also general secretary of Congress Party. As an expert in Hindu religion, I am curious to know how the offspring of purportedly nonHindu origin parents can claim to be caste Hindu, especially a Brahmin caste which is traditionally the highest of all Hindu castes, and I believe religious fraud is practiced on electors.

I am also concerned to learn from media that real name of Shri Rahul Gandhi, President of INC/AICC is actually one Raul Da Vinci, or suchlike and his educational degrees are fake. see news report in India Today online Feb 19, 2014.

Accordingly, I am caused to seek, in the larger pubic interest and concerning a public activity of democracy process and elections, the following information about Indian National Congress INC/AICC national party and its President.

a) If it is true that Shri Rahul Gandhi was General Secretary of the INC party on 14.April 2012.

b) If it is true that Shri Rahul Gandhi was a Brahmin on 14.April 2012.

c) Provide me copies of all the supporting documents on basis of which these above claims / statements were made by Shri Rahul Gandhi. In the alternative, the rejoinder, if any, to the newspapers concerned about their reportage and its veracity.

d) Provide me the extract(s) from audited Account Books of INC party to show that Shri Rahul Gandhi (senior office bearer of INC Party) has  been always timely in depositing 1% of his annual income as required under  the published Rules/Regulations of the Indian National Congress Party.

e) If it is true that Shri Rahul Gandhi was President of the INC party on 15.Dec. 2017.

f) If it is true that Shri Rahul Gandhi was a JaneuDhari Brahmin on 15. Dec.2017

g) Information establishing that Shri Rahul Gandhi is a descendant of Lord Parashurama

h) A copy of Mr. Rahul Gandhi,s M.Phil degree from Trinity College UK

Concerned CPIO Nodal Officer
Supporting document (only pdf upto 1 MB) Supporting document not provided

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