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Re: [IAC#RG] Annaji, some suggestions for your new proposed andolan [from INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION]

Dear Shri Gaur

I understand your sentiments / suggestions perfectly.

If Annaji is being misreported in the media, he / his "team" is duty bound to correct any impression that he is going on agitation because PM does not listen to him anymore.

In my own email I have clearly referred to the "genuine concerns of farmers" and we are happy that somebody else is taking these up because farmer issues are not directly within IAC's anti-corruption scope. Had we been taking up these issues, we would suggest that all farmers go on indefinitie strike for 1 year to allow their poisoned fields to recharge and heal.

We are also concerned that Shri Hazare is being used by corrupt persons to suggest certain unsuitable names for LOKPAL / LOKAYUKTA like was done at time of selection of the 5 "Team Anna" members of Lokpal Bill drafting committee. It is a rigged game and already the paid media is being primed to reprise 2011-12.

For the record, I have never met Shri Hazare formally, and the only time we have spoken was in Oct 2006 when he dropped some papers, which I picked them up for him and he thanked me, and it was the crossing of 2 strangers. Equally, the last time I have spoken/met Shri Arvind Kejriwal was on 11 August 2008. IAC co-convenor Mr. Veeresh Malik knew Anna in the Poona days when Hazare was propped up by Firodias.

We made it very clear in Sept 2012 onwards that if activists opted to join AAP or any outher party they could never be reintegrated into IAC.

Insofar as Ms. Bedi is concerned the latest avatar of "Team Anna" announced a few days back is again packed with her nominees (mostly also ex-AAPians), so we all know who still controls Anna.

Finally Annaji's track record of using people and being used himself, and for forming serial outfits with dubious accounting and donation raising is extensive and well documented. Nobody can say the same of me / our team.

The honorary work I do for IAC does not (unfortunately) leave space for "warmth" :-)


Sarbajit Roy

On Mon, Feb 26, 2018 at 1:45 PM, Gaur J K <> wrote:


Shri S. Roy

Seen your two msgs sent to Sh. Anna Hazare concerning his proposed Andolan in March,18 concerning famrmers issues. In the second msg. your contention that he is doing it because the Prime Minister has not replied to his numerous letters which remain unacknowleged and replied. I donot think this could be the reason for his andolan or fast considering his advanced age. But the fact remains that farmers have received nothing except empty promises from the Prime Minister  and instead yheir condition has worsened.

So if Annaji with his rural background and devotion to the caue of farmers, is highlighting the issues through his Anmdolan all help should be extended for its success. But sorry to say you seem to be more concerned in raking up the old issues of 2011-12 Jan Andolan

and they sound more of a warning  than warmth in your relationship.

All people who joined AAP did not do so for their selfish motives.Many of them genuinely believed that it will offer an alternative to clean politics but the experiment failed during the last 3 years. But if some genuine people are helping ANNAJI no one can tell he sould not do so.

Likewise we all know you do not support LOKPAL/ LOKAYUCTA ACT and the Institution. But the fact is it is now a reality and the Govt. has informed the Supreme Court it LOKAYUKta is being appointed.

Since Kran Bedi and V>K>Sing are now holding constitution posts, they can not be a part of the propsed Aandolan. Regds JKGaur

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Sent: Monday, February 26, 2018 10:13 AM
To: Anna Hazare; msisodia.delhi; cmdelhi; AnnaKiranBedi 2 Office; indiaresists; Veeresh Malik
Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] Annaji, some suggestions for your new proposed andolan [from INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION]

Shri KB "Anna" Hazare at Ralegan Siddhi

cc: India Against Corruption andolan mailing list


Dear Annaji


I am deeply concerned enough to again send an email to you hoping that somebody HONEST and COURAGEOUS is still left in your office who will convey my emails to you and explain them faithfully to you.

I read from the internet that you are going on fast from 23rd March 2018 at Ram Lila Maidan because Shri Narendra Modiji has allegedly not replied to even 1 of the 32+ letters you sent him, and you have recently alleged that Shri Modi'e "ego of prime ministership" does not allow him to acknowledge you or your very genuine concerns for farmers.

As your well wisher I request you to examine if your office has been sending your letters to the CORRECT ADDRESS of Shri Modiji / Prime Minister. It is very strange that Modiji would not reply to you if he received your letters, considering his own open letter/s to you as CM Gujarat, eg.
Chief Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his gratitude to Anna Hazare who led a nationwide campaign-fast against corruption, for his statement on Gujarat's ...

I can also inform you that Shri Modiji dutifully and promptly acknowledges each and every communication which I or India Against Corruption send to him (as PM) reporting corruption in his government.

I would therefore request you to kindly recall what you wrote yourself in your own handwriting on 23.10.2011 at Ralegan Siddhi in yuir private diary, ie.

A) Only persons who truly believe in martyrs like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajbir will be admitted in your anti-corruption movement as volunteers (and without positions or offices),

B) No cash will be accepted, only donations in cheque / draft from persons of impeccable character will be accepted to fund your andolan.

We are therefore very concerned to see a BEEF EXPORTER and exporter of HALAL and other non-vegetarian products was heading your so-called "volunteers" as acting Chairperson"" till recently, but who has now been replaced by ex-member(s) of Aam Aadmi Party.

Whereas, we at INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION deeply sympathise with the long-running problems you are facing over the BVJAN Trust (Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan Nyaas) which was suspended, it does not mean that your so-called volunteers can again misuse, cheat and deceive the innocent public of Hindustan as they used to do, or by misusing IAC name.

As your younger brother, but your senior in RTI movements and activism generally, I would strongly urge you to set your own house, trusts and andolans in order before venturing to tour the countryside on sponsorships from dubious, corrupt and anti-national persons.

The present BJP government headed by Modiji is not lagging in corruption compared to its predecessor Congress government. It would therefore be a great BETRAYAL of the Indian people if you again allow yourself to be used by these corrupt forces as you have so often been used in the past to allow their corruption to continue.

NB: We at IAC and of the HINDUSTAN REPUBLICAN ARMY have never forgotten the traitors who divided the Hindustani nation and its people, and who rightfully deserved to be assassinated for their treachery, and we shall privately honour our movement's martyrs in our own way without any help from you or your volunteers.


Jai Hind

Er. Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor
New Delhi, Hindustan.

Mob: 8010205897

On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 7:14 PM, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:

Shri KB "Anna" Hazare at Ralegan Siddhi


Dear Annaji


The entire INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION is delighted to see that your BVJAN (nyaas) central office is functioning once again from Ralegan Siddhi and that you are still touring the country even at this advanced age seeking to light revolutionary fire in minds of youth and oppressed classes.

To ensure the grand success of your farmer's andolan from 23rd March 2018, I request you to kindly pay attention to what follows, given as free advice from your well wishers in IAC core committee (all committed RTI activists many who know you since at least 2004),

1) All persons associated with BEEF EXPORTS or DIAMOND EXPORTS business must be immediately removed from any position of responsibility in your andolan / trusts.

2) All persons who are / were in Aam Aadmi Party at any point of time must be immediately removed from any position of responsibility in your andolan.

3) All persons who were brought into Lokpal andolan by BJP leaders, now Governors or Ministers, like Madam Kiran Bedi or Gen V.K.Singh, must be immediately removed from any position of responsibility in your andolan.

4) A proper and independent website must be opened for your kisan andolan / BVJAN. You must place the full audited accounts till FY 2017 on this website. It is strange that after Shri Suresh Pathareji left you no accounts appear to have been prepared since 2011 for BVJAN, and you and other trustees were functioining on basis of stay order/s from Charity Commissioner Pune after the suspension of the BVJAN trust in 2016. The INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION will not tolerate misuse of our BRAND IAC  name again as was done in 2011-12.

5) Please personally direct that no money or donations are collected in your name or by using your image which are not properly receipted and audited. You are aware that a Criminal Writ Petition is pending in Supreme Court since 2011 which is being regularly heard even today for your accounts.

6) You must issue clear and proper apology for the 2013 Jan Tantra Morcha failed experiment in which while many innocent persons were duped but by which Gen VK Singh became a BJP Minister and Ms. Kiran Bedi a Lt.Governor.

7) You must issue clear and proper acknowledgment for the 2012 ANNA SMS Card failed experiment in which persons close to you made crores of rupees and enabled  the entire database of India Against Corruption's 12 million subscribers was given to BJP. INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION is again clearly informing you that the same scamsters of ANNA SMS 2012 are somehow back in your movement as Core Committee members to repeat the exercise which is called "OPERATION LOTUS BLOOM" (English translation) for the BJP and to gain new members for BJP/RSS.

8) Finally, please understand very clearly and carefully that INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION is fully against LOKPAL / LOKAYUKT, which we at IAC believe is a World Bank / IMF sponsored program to achieve American imperialism in India and to break up India. INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION will not tolerate again the misuse of Brand IAC name for promoting Lokpal / Lokayukta in any andolan associated with you. If you still insist on promoting Lokpal as a solution to corruption, you may kindly do so using BVJAN name only or some new name which does not confuse the innocent public or which is used to collect money from public.

Kindly acknowldge receipt of this email.

Jai Hind

Er. Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor
New Delhi, Hindustan.

Mobile : 8010205897

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