Tuesday, January 10, 2017

[IAC#RG] Scams in Anna Hazare's NGO leads to compulsory audit of 30 Lakh NGOs

The SC PIL by SC Advocate M.L.Sharma exposing the scandals in Anna Hazare's NGO Hind Swaraj Trust which was probed by Justice P.B.Sawant Commission of Inquiry has finally resulted in the SC Bench directing (on 10.Jan.2017) the concerned Govts to ensure audits of Anna 's trusts along with all 30 Lakh NGOs in the country.

India Against Corruption has been regulary cautioning about deceivers like Anna Hazare who act coy and simple in public but whose operstions seem to be functioning on oceans of unaccounted black money in private.

Although Anna Hazare regularly gets all kinds of awards in his personal capacity from unregulated entities for services rendered it is not clear where he accounts for these considering the multiplicity of trusts he is involved in but whose accounts are not up-to-date or filed. His main trust the Bhrastachar Virodhi Jan Andolan Nyas (BVJA) was in serious trouble and most of its trustees have disassociated from him and the Jt. Charity Commissioner Pune had even stopped the trust and was on point of appointing an administrator and had frozen its name. After this happened a desperate and penniless Anna Hazare (who had previously repeatedly stated on national television that he was in no way connected to India Against Corruption) even tried to start using IAC's name after his Biopic flopped badly and he was recently reduced to acting for meat / beef exporters and hawala agents for peanuts.

How low can such people stoop is the question ? Is it the time near that Anna Haazre will again start recommending politicians like Chauthala to the voters against under the table payoffs made to his close associates in Ralegan Siddhi?


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