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[HumJanenge] FYI - Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister - Tale of 2 Persons who were detained overnight by Police during your visit to IIM Ahmedabad on 26th March 2011 - Babubhai Vaghela & Hitesh Chauhan.

Dear All,

It is said that if your neighbour is in trouble and, if you can sleep well, next turn is yours.

With warm regards,

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From: Babubhai Vaghela <>
Subject: Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister - Tale of 2 Persons who were detained overnight by Police during your visit to IIM Ahmedabad on 26th March 2011 - Babubhai Vaghela & Hitesh Chauhan.
To: "Manmohan Singh" <>
Cc:,, "Vaghela B D" <>, "right-to-information-act-2005" <>,,, "Bar Council of India" <>, "Cabinet Secretary to Government of India" <>, "Union Home Minister New Delhi" <>, "CVC" <>, "Help Gujarat High Court" <>, "Help Supreme Court" <>
Date: Monday, March 28, 2011, 4:16 PM

Dear Dr Manmohan Singh,

Further to my message dated 27th March 2011, I reproduce another tale of police detention during your visit to IIM Ahmedabad on 26th March 2011.

I would request yo to kindly arrange to stop such ugly incidences in the democratic India that is happening with the New Age Freedom Fighter concerned citizens fighting high level corruption whether as Whistle Blowers, as RTI Users or as PIL Petitioners or using other means to convey their anguish at the shear indifference of the administration in curbing corruption. It may not be out of place to quote what Supreme Court mentioned today -

SC raps govt for not investigating source of black money

The Supreme Court on Monday flayed the government for not probing into specific sources of black money stashed in banks abroad and asked the Centre to apprise it of its investigation into the threat to national security posed by it.

The apex court also expressed its dismay that the government's probe into the issue of black money was focussed only on the case involving Pune stud owner Hasan Ali Khan and no name of any other person involved in stashing funds abroad has come out.

"No further information is coming out. Only one individual is there. What about others?" a Bench of Justices B Sudershan Reddy and S S Nijjar asked Solicitor General Gopal Subramanium, who submitted to the Bench, in a sealed cover, the Enforcement Directorate's status report of its probe in the case.

I would also request that PMO make available the paperwork done on these two detentions, with file notings, so that the atrocious matter of HR violation & invasion of privacy is suitably taken up.   


(Babubhai Vaghela)
C 202, Shrinandnagar V, Makarba Road Vejalpur, Ahmedabad - 380051
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Publication: Ahmedabad Mirror;Date: Mar 28, 2011;Section: City;Page: 2

Youth who had hurled shoe at PM detained during his visit

Engg student Hitesh Chauhan was released after Singh left city on Saturday evening


Hitesh Chauhan, the engineering student who hurled shoe at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during his visit to the city in 2009, had to spent a night at Bapunagar the police station after cops detained him as a preventive measure on Friday. 

    The prime minister was on a day-long visit of the city on Saturday. 

    Tw e n t y - t h r e e - y e a r - o l d Chauhan is more famously known for hurling a shoe at Singh during his visit on April 26, 2009. The young student wanted to raise his voice against corruption in the government and unemployment in the country. 

    Chauhan was been arrested and released after the prime minister pardoned him. About seven months ago, he had written a letter to him, seeking an appointment during his next visit to Ahmedabad. He had written in the letter that he had "hurled only one shoe" at the prime minister but the latter had "hurled a lot of shoes, including inflation, corruption and steps leading to farmer's deaths" at the people. 

    On Friday, the cops telephoned him at his institute hostel and asked him to come to the police station to sign documents that had to be sent to the chief minister's office. When Chauhan reached the police station at 11.30 pm on Friday he was promptly detained and his mobile phone was switched off. 

    Chauhan learnt that the signing of documents was a ploy to get him to the police station. He was released at 9 pm on Saturday. "The police told me that they were detaining me on the orders of the police commissioner who had been told by the Delhi Police to detain me," Chauhan said. An unrepentant Chauhan called his detention a "murder of democracy". 

    "When I had hurled the shoe at the prime minister, I wanted to raise my voice against corruption in the government. I had sought an appointment with him during his next visit to the city and I expected him to grant it to me as a citizen of India. I intended to attend the IIM's convocation programme to hear him, meet him if possible, and put my points across but had no intention of repeating the shoe-hurling act. I was detained by the police instead." 

    Chauhan claimed that he had explained the reasons for hurling the shoe at the prime minister in his letter. "I had told him that I felt that as a citizen of India I had every right to meet him. As a responsible citizen, I have stood in long queues and voted during elections," he claimed. 

    Bapunagar PI RD Lashkari admitted that Chauhan was detained for a day. "We detained him because of the past incident. We later released him."

Hitesh had thrown a shoe at the PM in April 2009 


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From: Babubhai Vaghela <>
Date: Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 11:04 PM
Subject: Prime Minister - Plight of New Age Freedom Fighters (#NAFFs) - Role of Intelligence Bureau during the visit of Dr Manmohan Singh to Ahmedabad on 26th March 2011..
To: Dr Manmohan Singh <>
Cc:, Samir Barua <>, right-to-information-act-2005 <>,,,, Vaghela B D <>, Chairperson NHRC <>,, Vishalakshi DGM HR IOC CO Delhi <>, Sudhir Bhalla Director HR IOC <>, Chairman Indian Oil <>,, Anilkumar Patil DS MOP&NG <>, S Sundareshan Secretary MOP&NG New Delhi <>, Prafull Patel <>, JS Ministry Home Affairs GOI <>, Saibal Sarkar Dy Scy PG PMO <>, "Shri Ajit Seth Secretary (Coord & PG) PG PMO" <>, Cabinet Secretary to Government of India <>, CVC <>, Director CBI <>, Union Home Minister New Delhi <>, Chief Secretary to GoG Gandhinagar <>, Chief Minister Gujarat <>, Help Gujarat High Court <>, Help Supreme Court <>, Meira Kumar Speaker Lok Sabha Parliament <>, Hon'ble Vice President of India <>, Smt Pratibha Patil President of India <>

Dr Manmohan Singh,
Prime Minister,
GOI, New Delhi

Dear Sir,

This has reference to my on going suggestions & public grievances, made during the last about nine years to the President of India, the Prime Minister and other high ranking dignitaries by the undersigned statutorily declared Whistle Blower, RTI user & PIL Petitioner making sincere efforts to contribute towards the improvement in corporate governance of the country. Specific reference is made to the following.

Reference No.1:

Majority of these communications, primarily through by emails & sent from my ID / are in public domain on Internet and at following Social Groups on Google & Yahoo -

Reference No. 2:

Media News:
IB, RAW refuse to part with information on human rights violations
The country's intelligence agencies — RAW and Intelligence Bureau — have refused to make public the information on cases related to human rights violation and corruption against their personnel though the RTI Act states otherwise. Interestingly, both the agencies wrongfully cited section 24 of the RTI Act for denial of response to the petitioner.

Reference No. 3:

Letter dated 29th January 2009 of PG PMO, written after detailed personal discussions in the subject matter by me, directing to Chairman Indian Oil to form Transfer & Promotion Policies & implement Supreme Court Judgment in Dev Dutt case on removing confidentiality in Performance Rating to Govt & PSU Employees. 

With no follow up by PM Office / Administrative Ministry MOP&NG / CVC for the last more than two years, Chairman IOC continues to ignore instructions of the Prime Minister Officer and continues to indulge in secrecy in working; arbitrary organisational decision making; corrupt practices & corruption creating strong resentment among the IOC Officers compelling them to seek legal recourse knocking the doors of Supreme Court of India.  

Reference No. 4:

Prime Minister : Please direct Director CBI to act . CBI is at liberty to take legal action against me if irregularities by Mr B M Bansal Acting Chairman not there...

Neither PMO nor CVC nor CBI is taking any action on high level corruption on appointment of Dealers involving IOC annual Business ex-Panipat Refinery of nearly Rs 15000 Crore to protect Mr Bansal.

Reference No. 5:

My message to you dated 20th March 2011 in connection with the following forty two reminder messages on serious irregularities committed & continuing by IIM with passive support of the Prime Minister Office / Union HRD Minister & Central Vigilance Commission.

Prime Minister : Continuing Weekly Reminder No. FORTY TWO of 190810 to Mr Satish Deodhar IIM Ahmedabad : After letter dated 11th Feb 2010 and second letter dated 12th May 2010 from HRD GOI New Delhi.

This led to my PIL in the matter in Gujarat High Court that was dismissed on the ground of my not being connected to IIM ( ); Second PIL by Harsha Shettigar (Karnataka HC disposes CAT PIL, asks IIMs to rectify mistakes ) and third on going PIL at Delhi High Court by the angry high scored IIM CAT passed students seeking admission at IIM but denied it even after scoring more than 99 prcentile in CAT 2010 (CAT applicants to take IIMs to court over new criteria

In the meantime, CVO HRD GOI New Delhi continue to ignore CVC registered on 30th April 2008 my complaint in IIM matter and same thing happening with Mr Satish Deodhar, CAT 2009 Convenor, not redressing my public grievance despite letter dated 11th February 2010 from HRD GOI New Delhi & neither PMO nor CVC nor CBI taking any action though CBI had reportedly intervened in 2003 cancelling IIM CAT 2003 test due to serious irregularities. 

While there are umpteen no. of my registered complaints, that are entangled in bureaucratic red tapism, with PMO not at all intervening to stop the irregularities, corrupt practices and high level corruption & not reaching those public grievances to logical conclusion for years togather, Intelligence Bureau (IB) preferred to act on my message to you, in IIM matter, dated 20th March 2011 when you were to come to Ahmedabad to attend function at IIM Ahmedabad on 26th March 2011. 

Since afternoon of 25th March 2011 till your flight departure from Ahmedabad late evening on 26th March 2011, for nearly 30 Hrs, I was detained at local police station, as a preventive measure, on the perceived threat of Babubhai Vaghela to Dr Manmohan Singh Prime Minister. 

Notwithstanding the fact that during this period, as a person working on larger public issues concerning masses, this law abiding citizen got due respect from the concerned IB Officer; one IT Expert and the Police Officer as also the staff at the Police Station, I fail to understand the reluctance on the part of IB to act in a prudent manner while my Freedom of Movement was encroached upon ; my Freedom of Expression was curtailed and my privacy was invaded that too when the concerned IB Officer, on getting my candid & full co-operation, after going through my emails and after searching my Laptop for nearly 3-4 hours found nothing incriminating, that he conveyed me, and also confirmed to me that he did not doubt my personal integrity.  

That being the case, may I know in what way the undersigned  peace loving Sr Citizen of Ahmedabad was considered a threat to Dr Manmohan Singh Prime Minister during his visit to Ahmedabad?

If IB is really an Intelligence Bureau, I fail to understand as to why did the apex Agency not take any action for the last five years when I have written hundreds of messages to you and few thousand of emails on such issues are already available in public domain?  

Further, may I know whether IB is authorised to ask passwords of my Email Accounts & peep into my personal emails? Who is the IB Officer that Govt has empowered to do so? Or, did IB took permission from Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI for this one?

Moreover, when by about 10 PM on 25th March 2011, the concerned IB Officer had completed the detailed discussions with me for about 3-4 Hours / thoroughly checked my Laptop from which I send emails, had completed the investigation & was also fully convinced that I was not a person of doubtful integrity, I would like to know what prevented IB from ensuring that I go home at that point of time honourably, with IB saying sorry to me for unwarranted harassment to me, & causing undue anxiety to my family members for the next 24 Hours?   

May I request that all my registered & legitimate complaints pending at IOC  / Ministry of Home Affairs / Ministry of Petroleum / Deptt of Public Enterprises / Ministry of HRD / Ministry of Corporate Affairs / CVC / CBI / NHRC / PMO and President Secretariat reach logical conclusion without further loss of time so that I am not compelled to send any email reminder hereafter? 

While concluding, may I also request categorical confirmation from your Office that effective measures have already been taken to stop repetition of what happened with me during 25th / 26th March 2011 anywhere in the country and also with other New Age Freedom Fighters (#NAFFs) whether RTI Users or Whistle Blowers of India making hectic sincere efforts to reduce irregularities, corrupt practices and corruption to make our country clean so that we live keeping our Heads High among the world community? 

With kind regards,

(Babubhai Vaghela)
C 202, Shrinandnagar V, Makarba Road Vejalpur, Ahmedabad - 380051
M -  94276 08632
About me in Annexure at -
(Administrator - Google Group - Right to Information Act 2005)

CC: Chairperson, NHRC, New Delhi.

CC: Shri R S Butola, Chairman IOC New Delhi
During my visit to your Office on 9th March 2011, I personally requested concerned DGM (HR) for copies of Transfer Policy; Promotion Policy for Deputy Managers & above and confirmation that Supreme Court Judgement in Dev Dutt case, as stipulated in PG PMO letter dated 29th January 2009 to to Chairman IOC, has been implemented in letter & spirit but was not given. Kindly arrange to send them.

CC: Shri S Sundareshan, Secretary to GOI, MOP&NG GOI  New Delhi
During my visit to your Office on 9th March 2011, I personally requested concerned Deputy Secretary for above-mentioned action as the Administrative Ministry for IOC. Kindly confirm action taken.

CC: Shri Ajit Seth, Secretary to GOI, Co-Ordination and Public Grievances, PMO, New Delhi 
During my visit to your Office on 9th March 2011, I personally requested concerned Deputy Secretary for above-mentioned action as PMO having issued instructions to Chairman IOC on 29th January 2009, it is imperative that the instruction is also followed. Kindly confirm action taken.

CC: Shri Satish Deodhar, CAT 2009 Convenor, IIM Ahmedabad 
Kindly refer to the instructions to you from HRD GOI and my personal request to you at IIM Ahmedabad few months back. Kindly redress my public grievance without further wastage of time. 

CC : District Collector, Ahmedabad for kind information & further needful in the matter, as required, to stop the Human Rights violations.

CC: Dr A K Joti, Chief Secretary to Govt of Gujarat for kind information & with a request to use his good office for redressal of the registered public grievances by a concerned citizen of Gujarat and to stop the Human Rights violations.

CC : Shri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Govt of Gujarat Gandhingar for kind needful in the matter.

CC : Shri P Chidambaram, Union Home Minister, New Delhi for kind needful in the matter.

CC: Hon'ble Chief Justice, Hon'ble Gujarat High Court, Ahmedabad.

CC: Hon'ble Chief Justice of India, New Delhi.

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