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India Against Corruption


Whether one would like to admit it or not, in recent times, all over the world, most of the  people have developed suspicions and misgivings about the neutrality of the journalists and their commitment to fair journalism. There is rapidly spreading view that media is a commercial activity with profit motive and news and views are products for sale. It is clearly evident that media is steadily going under the control of business houses and politicians and religious bodies , who often  have vested interests or business motives or both.

In USA, it is clearly evident that a section of the media has deep prejudice against President Trump , often using vituperative language to  criticise  him and publishing motivated stories. During the last Presidential election, several leading newspapers and journals in  USA openly campaigned against Trump and wanted him to be defeated. Trump won and became the President , proving that the views of the media do not carry faith and conviction or  any weight  amongst people any more.

This situation is no different in many other free and democratic countries including India.  The conditions in U K too  is no different.  Of course, in countries like China and Singapore, media is not allowed to criticise the government and the media is largely controlled by the government.

In India, in recent times, many section of print and visual media carry out what they call as investigative journalism and in the process,  publish unverified news  mixed with the views with what appears to be  ulterior motives and objectives. It is often said that in this process of investigative journalism where serious allegations are made against one or the other , the journalists say that they will not reveal the source of the information or conclusively prove the information that they have given with firm evidence. In this media exercise, accused persons, who may even be  really innocent , suffer heavily.  While they can go to the court filing defamation suits against the media , the courts take  several years to give judgement  and the media and the journalists go virtually scot free.

The media personnel say that any attempts to prevent the media from  stating and writing whatever they want, ( whether right or wrong or true or false) amount to suppression  and curtailment of freedom of press and media rights.

The time has come now to decide whether the freedom enjoyed by the media and the journalists  should be unlimited and total. It is also necessary to introspect as to whether it is ethical practice and in the true spirit of honest journalism to publish articles and news without adequate  proof and without stating the alternate views  and not giving details  about the source of information.

What is thievery ?   Stealing gold or silver or money from household or elsewhere is thievery. Similarly, stealing news  or official papers from any organization and government  departments to publish news  in a way that it satisfies the  whims and fancies of the particular journalists  should  also be considered as nothing but thievery. It may often happen that such news may be collected  by the journalists and media house by bribing or corrupt methods.   In the name of media freedom, the source of information  is withheld by media. Is  such acts of  journalists any better than the acts of  those who steal gold or silver or money from any household or elsewhere ?

Obviously, media freedom is now taken to an absurd level by journalists, claiming freedom without responsibility to indulge in detective exercises to  "unveil the facts" .

With widespread feelings amongst the cross section of people all over the world that media houses and journalists  now only rarely remain unprejudiced or motiveless, the level of  freedom enjoyed by the media need to be closely scrutinized and reassessed.

Of course, the media  enjoy  the privilege to publish or unpublish  any news or views, appropriate or otherwise. The debate  for or against the  unlimited freedom for media also has to be carried out only in the media, whether print or  visual. Will the journalists of today allow fair and honest media debate on this subject remains to be seen.

Any way, there is no doubt that media  and journalists are  under trial all over the world now.


Nandini Voice for the Deprived

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Re: [IAC#RG] IAF trapped between coordinated "political" compulsions of PMs Modi and Imran Khan

During last seven decades,whoever have been the advisors of the 
governments of Pakistan,haven't done their homework well or,they
have just echoed His/Her Master's Voice.
Probably an easy option of hate campaign against India,for domestic consumption
for winning elections,or for getting public opprobrium ,had always been chosen by all of them.
For long they were able to deceive USA, to act as a buffer State(to prevent spread of communism)
to get virtually free financial and military aid. In recent times,China has replaced USA.
But as no progressive policies for great economic development,and institution building was
created,the State has become a pauper, besides being considered a failed State/rogue State.
The Pak TV channels expose the State and its state openly.
They envy the position of Indian PM globally.
They have muddled politics with corruption embracing top echelons regularly.
How long could religious fundamentalism keep a State together,in modern world?
They are psychologically at a disadvantageous position. And have no strength
to take on to the Indian behemoth.
Not a bad position from Indian perspective post air strikes.
JeM attack could be counter productive as its reaction,in the form of successful air strike
could greatly help the current regime( in India) a second term on the platter; something
that Pak rulers would consider only as a nightmare.

On Sun, Mar 3, 2019 at 2:11 AM Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:

Actually, I had the info on 27.02.2019 from my own sources, and the
same day I formally complained to MoD which they kindly acknowledged
on 28.02.2019 through the Additional Secretary assuring me they would
look into it soon if there were indeed any breaches of international

Notwithstanding the DISINFORMATION, the fact remains that both
Airforces launched sophisticated pre-programmed missiles in standoff
(ie. from far away) from within their own claimed territories to
demonstrate their "non-military (ie.NUCLEAR)" precision targeting
capabilities to each other..

So although the statement by IAF that they achieved their operational
mandate is technically correct, the fact remains that the MEA has lied
through their teeth at their first press briefing.

Questions are now also sure to be raised if India should consider
purchasing F-16s to be made in Hyderabad (using a junked manufacturing
line from Israel in a deal where Ratan Tata reprises Anil Ambanis role
in Rafale) when they can be so easily knocked out by our "flying

There is also the new issue of highly credible evidence emerging that
the "trigger incident" (Phulwama, or something similar to it) for
these "standoffs / pilot exercises" had been planned from Oct 2017

Finally, Sir, all these wars and elections freebie gimmicks are
costing us a great deal of money. The revenue deficit has already
exceeded 126.9% of this year's target, with no hope of it being made
up in this fiscal.


On 3/2/19, ravindra malhotra <> wrote:
> As far as views of media in USA is concerned, please have a look at New York
> Times of 1st and 2nd March. It has mentioned a few things similar to that
> pointed out by Sarbajit Roy.
> R.N.Malhotra
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Monday, March 4, 2019

Re: [IAC#RG] How can 45 HINDUSTANI martyrs be avenged without violating some law or using forces

> a) Get rid of Ajit Doval and his parallel networks which are fully
> infiltrated by Islamic elements and compromising Army humint.

Has the IAF has been left with egg all over its face because of some
Doval's kiddy clowns who over rely on electronic intelligence ?

"sources revealed on Monday that technical surveillance conducted by
the Indian intelligence services in the days leading up to the air
strike had confirmed around 300 active mobile connections in the
facility. The information, revealed through the surveillance conducted
by the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), gives a fair
indication of the number of terrorists killed in the February 26
airstrike, sources told news agency ANI."


Explains why BJP bania brigade have taken a standard 20% bania stop
loss and discounted kill assessments to 250 from 300.

On 3/3/19, Rajinder Dalvi <> wrote:
> How should 45 Hindustanis killed by this jihadist be avenged ?
> a) Get rid of Ajit Doval and his parallel networks which are fully
> infiltrated by Islamic elements and compromising Army humint.
> b Leave it to the affected forces.
> c) Ab tak Chhappan ( 56:1 ratio)
> d) Don't politicise what you do. Run silent run deep.
> e) *Dabaake maaro*
> On Sun, Mar 3, 2019 at 2:12 PM Sarbajit Roy <>
> wrote:
>> *UPDATE:*
>> I am happy to inform our members that after widespread public doubts on
>> social media and TV channels like NDTV about "0" casualties in the air
>> strike, our Goi is "*leaking*" that the actual location where we struck
>> was at Arabkhan (Manshera), about 3.5 km south of Village Jaba (Balakot)
>> where Pakistan took reporters of Reuters, Al-Jazeera etc for
>> disinformation
>> to Mamata Banerjee, Arvind Kejriwal and Pappu, and credible evidence
>> indicates Masood Azhar himself has been either killed or is badly
>> wounded.
>> On Sat, Mar 2, 2019 at 11:45 PM Vidyut <> wrote:
>>> I am not a pacifist and can be happily blood-thirsty if the occasion
>>> demands it. However, I think we are mistaken in seeing Kashmir as one
>>> such
>>> subject.
>>> Regardless of Pakistan's support or JEM, it is important to understand
>>> that the suicide bomber was a Kashmiri. All the support in the world
>>> can't
>>> make someone give up their life unless they think it is futile to begin
>>> with.
>>> THIS is the crux of the Kashmir problem. One I am disappointed that a
>>> country with a freedom struggle so close in her past is unable to
>>> recognize.
>>> We cannot invite love with slaps. If you were to court someone to marry
>>> you, you wouldn't kick them and ask them to tell you they love you or
>>> else.
>>> Yet this is what we seem to be doing over and over with Kashmir. There
>>> is
>>> an entire generation come to adulthood who see armed violence as NORMAL.
>>> They don't even have an experience of what it is like to never have seen
>>> a
>>> gun up close - which is the reality of most Indians not in security
>>> careers
>>> outside Kashmir.
>>> We are so fast to take outrage if someone insults our parents or lays a
>>> hand on our sister. For them this is normal. Even without abuse, they
>>> can
>>> be searched on whim. They have no autonomy over their own body. Pause to
>>> think of this a bit.
>>> Suicides are high. A suicide bombing is just one way of doing it. A
>>> lashing out.
>>> Violent choices must be seen in this context. We have contributed to a
>>> world where this is NORMAL for them. The only difference is whether they
>>> obey another or do as they wish. School kids are throwing angry stones
>>> at
>>> forces. The same forces that come to their rescue in avalanches. More
>>> than
>>> hate, this is the frustration of living in a cage. Of being poked by
>>> random
>>> strangers on whim. Of being impotent to protect your loved ones, from
>>> "protectors" or random violence.
>>> What we need to "avenge" the dead CRPF jawans is to defeat this. Not
>>> defeat suicidal kids, but defeat what makes them suicidal.
>>> This government is all about a land grab. It HATES Kashmiris, but wants
>>> the land. This government is not going to be able to do it. But
>>> governments
>>> change. A country endures. We, as citizens too have tremendous power to
>>> include and love. The day we feel angry when a Kashmiri teenager who
>>> can't
>>> go out because of curfew is also denied 4G, that teenager feels like we
>>> understand his hardship. We may not be in Kashmir, but we have voices
>>> and
>>> we can speak up for them. We can care. We can feel the same outrage over
>>> blinded kids that we do over bombed soldiers. Because both of them are
>>> ours.
>>> Even calls for Azadi can be defeated if they want to be a part of India.
>>> Where they feel included in our identity. Have we even done that that we
>>> blame them and hate them for feeling isolated and lashing out in the few
>>> ways they can?
>>> And we can stop being so freaking pliant and question lapses. Propaganda
>>> can't create security. Secure protocols, oversight, good equipment,
>>> addressing problems, funding, accountability, training, recruitments,
>>> support for jawans suffering PTSD.... all that is needed. We can avenge
>>> the
>>> dead CRPF jawans by ensuring that unnecessary threats to their lives are
>>> defeated.
>>> And sure, if as a part of proper security we have information about
>>> Pakistan and terror groups, we address that too. Not with hate, but
>>> firmness. To protect Kashmir and Kashmiris, not to strangle them.
>>> V
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[IAC#RG] Fwd: India's new old Arthashastra playbook :-)


Govt will be very soon releasing "video footage" from alleged nose
cameras of missiles launched towards the Bisian target soon. The
terror camp is on the banks of the Kunar river and was very well
camoflauged against spy satellites using techniques learned in
Afghanistan from the Soviets, All "before-after" satellite photos of
mountain top Jaish targets circulating on internet are forgeries.The
actual camp that was struck is very much on a hillside with easy
access to the river and where initial water training was also given to
the 26/11 attackers (as Kasab's narco revealed)

The delay in releasing video footage is only because a top 3D CGI
animator of Bollywood hired by BJP had made a fatal flaw in their
videos which gave the game away, and the videos have to be
remanufactured. Ministerial sources are furious with the "kanjoos
makkhichoos" party bosses who have badly let down the workers in this
video fiasco and who are unable to answer TMC questioning "where are
300 bodies ?".

Some BJP leaders are also angry that Piyush Pandey may no longer be
making the BJP's iconic videos (he is also negotiating to get Rahul
Gandhi's account) due to some old payment disputes for the 2014 "ab ki
baar Modi Sarkar".campaign. Furious efforts are on to woo him back and
2 weeks back he indicated in Kerala to wait and see his new works for