Thursday, April 15, 2021


We will soon be half way through 2021, but the dreadful menace of COVID – 19 deadly virus continues relentlessly to haunt the entire world, the whole of mankind.

It persists to be a very daunting and unpredictable scenario, no one knowing what is next in store. Even the scientists and experts seem to be dazed and lost in these uncertain times.

In India, just as we were trying to believe that the worst was over and normalcy was returning, we are hit with yet another wave of the vicious kind, which has yet again thrown everything again out of gear. And we know not how many more waves of this pandemic are yet to come and when, if ever, this nightmare will end.

For the school going children the online classes has been a thing they least expected, and they know not when they will resume their school life which cannot be replaced by any other form of learning. For the toddlers who may have been gearing up for their first nursery classes it is still worse -- missing the wide world outside during their formative years.

We have lost so many friends and loved ones to this pandemic, without being able to bid them farewell due to the restrictions of the so called SOPs in force. We can only pray for our beloved ones who departed in various countries around the world.  

In our lifetime we have not witnessed such a tragedy, never one of this magnitude, which has struck the entire globe, sparing no corner, distinguishing no caste, creed or your financial status. Places of worship and the Temples of Justice have also been invaded.

The pandemic has affected the entire of mankind leaving everyone perplexed and dazed with no answers but only questions galore, while the scientists are on their job and the virus confusing them every now and then, by striking in different variants.

Nobody knows what lies ahead with the future ever so uncertain. Even being debated now is the efficacy of the vaccines that have been launched to combat if not restrict the virus.

The global economy has taken an unprecedented severe beating while businesses all over have had to brace the brunt with many small establishments having to close shop.

Ironically, in Goa, the only thing almost unaffected has been the very lucrative narcotic trade and also the world's oldest profession -- both seem to be merrily thriving defying the pandemic.

Family functions and community occasions all have had to be restricted as a precaution. Buying the right gift for an occasion had been always an arduous task but during this pandemic a pair of face masks has become the ideal gift one can offer.

While everyone's earnest hope is that life returns to its normalcy, we can only pray that it so happens and this catastrophic nightmare ends. May it be soon.

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