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[IAC#RG] Election Commission under pressure due to Maulik Bharat RTI and Notice

Respected Friends,
   After Arvind Kejriwal resignation one more success to Maulik Bharat team. Thanks to Neeraj Saxena and Sanjeev Gupta effort. Now Election Commission is under pressure due to our RTI and Notice to EC (Copy Attached). Now EC start in the direction of election reform as we demand. Need of the time to speed-up it .
With regards

Anuj Agarwal
General Secretary
Maulik Bharat

Candidates can e-file nominations in Lok Sabha polls

Dialogue India Report -
Ranchi: Candidates for the Lok Sabha elections would be able to e-file their nominations and affidavits, in a move aimed to bring about faster dissemination of information about the candidates, Election Commissioner H.S. Brahma said Saturday.

The e-filing, a web-based form, would be in addition to filing the nomination in paper form.

The Election Commission will soon ask the government to modify the current rules to make e-filing mandatory.

"This move of the ECI holds the potential to accelerate the process of dissemination of information regarding the criminal, financial, educational and other background details of candidates contesting elections," said a press release of the 10th Annual Conference on Electoral and Political Reforms.

Brahma recommended that it be used by the election commission in the upcoming polls to keep a check on malpractices like bribing of voters (by liquor distribution, cash etc)and excessive spending by candidates.

The tool will enable citizens to capture photographic evidence (with precise GPS location and time) of any wrongdoing in and around elections and report it instantaneously to the nearest election commission observers, said the statement.

Anuj Agrawal, Editor Dialogue India
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

[IAC#RG] vote for any party based on Prime Ministerial candidate

India Against Corruption

                                     Vote for the party based on  the

                    Prime Ministerial  candidate in the parliamentary polls.


There are certainly much better persons in India today than Kejriwals, Raj Thackerays, Venugopals  (of TDP).   There are honest and productive  workers  consisting of scientists, engineers , economists and NGOs , who really contribute to the national growth in variety of ways.  Unfortunately, our media  do not take note of them but only focus on those indulging in antics, gimmicks  and rowdy behaviour in parliament, assemblies and in public life.

In view of such attitude of media , an impression prevails that India consist only of such elements, which is  affecting  the morale of the entire population and image of the country in the world.

Inspite of the corrupt politicians  and  bureaucracy, still a lot of good work is going on in the country and many Indians are increasingly being recognised internationally for their achievements , though Indian media may ignore them.  This is a sad state of affairs.

Certainly, a capable Prime Minister can bring about a  healthy climate  of growth and progress and bring respect to the country and government, where  quality Indians would be recognised and given encouragement and appropriate positions . When such  healthy   and progressive climate is built, it would inevitably lead to a situation where discredited persons cannot hold the country to ransom as at present.

Obviously, the country needs honest , strong and well  motivated Prime Minister who is ultimately responsible for all happenings in India in  one way or the other.

During the forthcoming parliamentary polls ,the electorate should be given a clear choice as to who would be the next Prime Minister  by the political outfits like Congress party and third front also

People should really  be given an opportunity to vote for  any party, based on the person projected as Prime Minister by the party.

India cannot afford government leadership of the present standards anymore, which mean that   the people would  have a choice  about the person becoming the Prime Minister  and  political coterie would not decide this.  

Nandini Voice For The Deprived

Monday, February 10, 2014



Greetings from Forum For Fast Justice,

On 17th Jan. 2012 we had given notice to the Chief Justice of India that if there was no initiative taken for judicial reforms, we would intensify our agitation. Nothing done so far.

Accordingly a big road show was organised in the form of two car rallies and a protest Dharna on 30eth January 2014 at Azad Maidan in Mumbai. It was first of its kind in the history of our nation.

One rally with 20 cars, each tied with slogans laced banners on slow judiciary and its impact on citizenry took off from Navi Mumbai and travelled through Thane, Ghatkopar, Dadar, Byculla and reached Azad Maidan. Volunteers sang, danced, performed skits and distributed pamphlets with mikes blaring with slogans.

The other similar rally started from Dahisar and travelled through Andheri, Bandra, Dadar, Worli, Girgaon and Azad Maidan.

Dharna was inaugurated by justice Suresh Hosbet and the keynote address was delivered by Justice Kamleshwar Nath.

Rs.1 lac OP Monga Award for outstanding service in Judicial Reforms was given away to Shri Pravin Patel, the President of Society For Fast Justice, Chhattisgarh, who promoted 8 Societies For Fast Justice and equal no. will be registered during the current month in different cities of North-East Inida.

Two Memoranda: one to Chief Justice of Bombay High Court and the other to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra were submitted.



Our 3rd National Convention on judicial reforms is organised by the Raipur Society For Fast Justice on 28th February and 1st March 2014 at Raipur, Capital of Chhattisgarh which is well connected by rail, road and air. Registration is free. A decent lodging and boarding will also be free.

Eminent jurists from across the country will address the convention and delegates will come and participate from different cities. Grab the opportunity for learning on the poor state of functioning of courts, the delay ruining the nation and remedial measures.

So book your tickets and be an active participant. All are welcome.

A registration form is attached or you can register on the spot.

With regards.

(Bhagvanji Raiyani)
Chairman & Managing Trustee
Forum For Fast Justice

Sunday, February 9, 2014


I fully agree with your/President of India.But there is difference between practice and preaching of financial discipline of GOVT especially the present GOVT.It is the common public suffer for dues from GOVT.The present FM instructed to withhold refunds due genuine payers of tax to bridge CAD warranting payment of interest.During the current regime Rs 37000 crores are paid as interest for delaying refunds 
Kavuri Prajyumna Rao, FCA
Membership no: 12238
PMPalem, Visakhapatnam -41.

On Sunday, 2 February 2014 9:08 AM, Venkatraman Ns <> wrote:
India Against Corruption
President Pranab Mukherji in his Republic Day address to the nation made the statement of far reaching significance that anarchic methods can not be a substitute for good governance. He made another statement of equal significance against the tendency of political parties to extend freebies to get votes and pointing out that government is not a charity body.
Politicians should take note of  the President's above observations which only reflect the views of the large segment of Indian population. With the forthcoming elections in view , it is very important that the election commission should  also take note of the President's views with earnestness and  immediately  ban political parties extending freebies.
Election commission in recent times has not been known to take any strong measures  to  discipline the  political parties and  has rarely gone beyond  extending  some  critical remarks , which no political party seem to take seriously.  Now, that the President  has given a lead, election commission should act to restore the country's faith in its capability and commitment.  Election commission is a constitutional body and it has certain responsibility and inherent powers.  It should have the character to use such powers for the sake of ensuring probity during the elections.

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