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good things done by good people   are not getting good coverage.Is it because they are not news worthy?

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India Against Corruption

                                                               MEDIA AS MUCH RESPONSIBLE AS THE POLITICIANS FOR INDISA'S PROBLEMS

Most People in India are convinced that large section of politicians in India are self centred , dishonest and corrupt. These politicians are accused of being responsible for several unsolved problems faced by India and many undesirable incidents such as violence etc. 

While there is certainly lot of truth in the above view, the fact is that the country is unable to discipline the politicians and put them in their place. 

While the politicians are seen as guilty people, the visual and print media are given the benefit of doubt and escape the blame, though most section of media not known anymore for professional integrity.

It is now very well known that most media houses are under the control of business men and politicians and they have vested interests. 

With the objective of improving their business prospects and at the same time meeting the objectives of the owners, media are focusing all the time on politics and giving space to the politicians and giving them undue respect and recognition by repeatedly publicising their views and unsavoury acts. Media seem to be under the impression that people will show interest only if ugly and undesirable acts and mutual abuses are highlighted.

Media is largely responsible for polluting the atmosphere in the country by sensationalizing the issues, making partisan comments and focusing only on people indulging in frauds and undesirable acts and bad events.

It is very conspicuous now that good events and developments are seldom highlighted in the media, which give an impression that only bad things are happening in the country.

Media need to be condemned as much as the politicians for the state of affairs in India.

Nandini Voice For The Deprived
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By Aires Rodrigues

My sincere gratitude to the officials at the WhatsApp headquarters in California for having late last night acted swiftly to restore my WhatsApp account which was blocked and banned on Tuesday evening at the instance of a Senior Goa Politician. Having lost the company of WhatsApp for 24 long hours was so daunting.

I have explained to WhatsApp that I have at no time violated any of their Terms of service. If anyone that may have creeped into my contact list is unable to digest what I write,  would humbly request him to unfriend me or in the alternate block me as a result of which he would not be burdened with any of my further messages.

The BJP at Goa in 2012 and Narendra Modi in 2014 at the Centre rode to power optimizing the use of social media to the maximum. That very same BJP is now trying to ensure curbs on the social media to suppress and muzzle the freedom of speech. The power to dissent and constructive criticism of any government is vital to the very functioning of democracy.  

In recent years social media has transformed and has drastically enhanced our power to communicate instantly across the world. Through Whatsapp, Twitter, the various groups on Facebook besides other global networking sites that I am enrolled with, I am able to communicate by sharing a message or a thought with over 20 lakh people.

Thank you Social Media. It's an amazing world!

Aires Rodrigues

Advocate High Court

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Reports about the Governor have been swirling around the state capital. It would appear that the learned interlocutor is not among those who have accessed such reports

It was unpardonable for the TN Government to seek to put the journalist in jail, as though they were a colonial administration. Dr Jayalalithaa would have been ashamed of such an action, seeing the way she stood up for women and their rights. CM Palanisamy has gone against her legacy and teachings by seeking to intimidate media through the legal process, not the first time this has been done in our country. The Governor should come out with a denial of the charges made in the publication rather than watch as the state commits hard kiri of democracy by punishing those who openly say what several privately claim to be the situation

The Governor should call a press conference and deny the charges. Going before the public is the best way. Should the reports be false, as the interlocutor believes, the journalist will be shown to be a peddler of fake news and shamed. It is possible that the Governor is a saint and that the numerous reports giving a contrary view are false. Once the press conference is over, if there are aggrieved women, they may come forward. If none, it may convince many that the charges are false

While there may be a few cases of  MeToo misuse, overall it is having a salutary effect through outing those seeking to exploit the vulnerabilities of younger people dependent on them for salary and assignments. Let us not forget the need to respect women in a country that is the home of an ancient faith that has as many Goddesses as Gods

My surname is my mother's family name, and in my view, more of both sexes should do likewise. Why only the father's name as the surname?



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Unfortunately you are not well informed. Please read the various cases of brutal sexual harassment and exploitation that so many journalists, film writers, actors and others have faced at the hands of their bosses or colleagues and they have kept quiet for decades but with the #Metoo movement they are finding the courage to speak up. You want to negate all of their courage with just this accusation that they are lying. Shame on you.


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India Against Corruption

                                            IS JOURNALISM FACING CRISIS OF CREDIBILITY  IN  INDIA


A  journalist  in Tamil Nadu in India who is the editor of a Tamil journal has written a few articles  damaging the reputation of Tamil Nadu Governor , associating him with a discredited  lady college professor who is now in jail.

When the Governor's office sent a complaint to the police about the article which discredited the Governor,  the police arrested the editor   and then he was released by the court. Obviously, Governor felt  unhappy , as the article contained false information

Now, the question is  whether the journalist has the right and freedom to write anything about anybody and damaging the reputation. While in the case of Tamil Nadu Governor, the journalist says that he has investigated , no one knows as to what is the investigation that was done , when and how it was conducted and where is the investigation report.

The journalist association have criticized the police and applauded the judge, who released the editor from the case.

If this would be the condition, nobody could be safe and journalists may harass the individuals  and even blackmail them. This is already happening.

In an office, if a boss would question the lady official on any matter and if the lady would be offended, she can make some false charges against the boss  and if she has the backing of the media, then the reputation and the life of the boss  would be  tarnished.

What is particularly shocking in the  above case  is that when the judge was hearing the case regarding the arrest of the journalist, the judge spotted  the  owner of  an  English newspaper who was in the crowd as an observer and asked him for his views. Have we ever heard of a judge seeking the views  of a member in the crowd of observers  while hearing a case?

In the last few days in India, TV media is having a "great time " as a few women are accusing some men for having abused them several years back and  the episode is titled  "  Me too ". There is no conclusive proof that men have misbehaved and the women have been abused and the men have denied the accusation.  Media is pre judging the issue and is conducting media trial, with no accountability for the media and the journalists. The reputation of the men involved are getting irreparably damaged.

The question is whether journalists have unlimited right and privilege to say or write  whatever they want  and are they  accountable to none. The journalism in India seem  to be going astray

It appears the distinction between politicians and journalists are disappearing fast in India , with the journalists in most  cases being suspected of having   direct or indirect  political leanings  or excessively carrying out the instructions of the boss  while preparing the scripts. We all know that several newspapers, journals and TV media in India are owned by politicians   and business men.

Today, journalism in India is facing a crisis of  credibility.


Nandini Voice For The Deprived


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Sonal Kellogg
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