Saturday, September 29, 2018



India Against Corruption

                                                               MEDIA AS MUCH RESPONSIBLE AS THE POLITICIANS FOR INDISA'S PROBLEMS

Most People in India are convinced that large section of politicians in India are self centred , dishonest and corrupt. These politicians are accused of being responsible for several unsolved problems faced by India and many undesirable incidents such as violence etc. 

While there is certainly lot of truth in the above view, the fact is that the country is unable to discipline the politicians and put them in their place. 

While the politicians are seen as guilty people, the visual and print media are given the benefit of doubt and escape the blame, though most section of media not known anymore for professional integrity.

It is now very well known that most media houses are under the control of business men and politicians and they have vested interests. 

With the objective of improving their business prospects and at the same time meeting the objectives of the owners, media are focusing all the time on politics and giving space to the politicians and giving them undue respect and recognition by repeatedly publicising their views and unsavoury acts. Media seem to be under the impression that people will show interest only if ugly and undesirable acts and mutual abuses are highlighted.

Media is largely responsible for polluting the atmosphere in the country by sensationalizing the issues, making partisan comments and focusing only on people indulging in frauds and undesirable acts and bad events.

It is very conspicuous now that good events and developments are seldom highlighted in the media, which give an impression that only bad things are happening in the country.

Media need to be condemned as much as the politicians for the state of affairs in India.

Nandini Voice For The Deprived