Monday, March 4, 2019

[IAC#RG] Fwd: India's new old Arthashastra playbook :-)


Govt will be very soon releasing "video footage" from alleged nose
cameras of missiles launched towards the Bisian target soon. The
terror camp is on the banks of the Kunar river and was very well
camoflauged against spy satellites using techniques learned in
Afghanistan from the Soviets, All "before-after" satellite photos of
mountain top Jaish targets circulating on internet are forgeries.The
actual camp that was struck is very much on a hillside with easy
access to the river and where initial water training was also given to
the 26/11 attackers (as Kasab's narco revealed)

The delay in releasing video footage is only because a top 3D CGI
animator of Bollywood hired by BJP had made a fatal flaw in their
videos which gave the game away, and the videos have to be
remanufactured. Ministerial sources are furious with the "kanjoos
makkhichoos" party bosses who have badly let down the workers in this
video fiasco and who are unable to answer TMC questioning "where are
300 bodies ?".

Some BJP leaders are also angry that Piyush Pandey may no longer be
making the BJP's iconic videos (he is also negotiating to get Rahul
Gandhi's account) due to some old payment disputes for the 2014 "ab ki
baar Modi Sarkar".campaign. Furious efforts are on to woo him back and
2 weeks back he indicated in Kerala to wait and see his new works for

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