Saturday, July 20, 2019

[HumJanenge] Amendments to the RTI . INTRODUCED in Parliament and placed for discussion and passage on Monday

Dear friends,

We enclose the press release issued by the NCPRI, which is self explanatory. The ruling establishment - the BJP - has introduced RTI amendments in Parliament. They are scheduled for discussion and passage in the Lok Sabha on Monday (July 22nd). These amendments seek to hollow out the law and reduce its power and strength. We request all of you who believe in a democratic and progressive India, and who have faith in a transparent and accountable system governance, to please write to the Prime Minister of India and protest against the passage of this amendment. Please use all modes - all social media - Twitter, Facebook, etc, messages on the phone etc to generate a body of strong protest. Please also spread this messages among all your groups by email and social media.

"No amendments  to the RTI. We demand an independent and powerful RTI commission to establish the credibility and integrity of democracy in India."

In solidarity,
Aruna Roy, Nikhil Dey, Shankar Singh with NCPRI  & MKSS

Please tweet tagging the PMO's twitter handle @PMOIndia and @narendramodi 
PMO phone number 011 23012312
Contact PM principal secretary on 011 23013040
Contact secretary to PM on 011 23010838
Send fax to 011 23019545/23016857

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