Sunday, August 19, 2018

[IAC#RG] Corrupt Mice on the Moon

When IAC observed on our mailing list that Shri Modi was akin to a "corrupt mouse who roared" over the Rafale deal, it took the "Opposition" almost 2 years to raise the matter in Parliament.

IAC hopes those CPM geriatrics shuffle slightly faster up to Parliament to discuss the latest comedy antics of  "The corrrupt mouse on the moon".

NB: Has anybody else cottoned on that our PM's Chief Financial Advisor(s) are evidently old British comedy, from the 1960's, film buffs - borrowing their outrageous ideas for further hilarious sequels to "The Mouse That Roared" to inflict on us ?


[rti4empowerment] Do we delight in rejecting good advice?Witness destruction in Kerala and Kodagu

"According to environmental scientists, this disaster could have been averted if the recommendations of the Gadgil committee had been implemented. Kerala and Karnataka were among the six states in the Western Ghats that unanimously opposed the recommendations."