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Re: [HumJanenge] Re: Former CIC challenges notice by CIC

Sorry! I never knew of any such notice nor was I served any, but I did withdraw my resignation on governement's advice.

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Subject: [HumJanenge] Re: Former CIC challenges notice by CIC
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> dislodge-CIC-himself/articleshow/5410903.cms
> "MUMBAI: Ironically, the Right to Information (RTI) Act is being used
> to unseat Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) Wajahat Habibullah
> himself.
> Habibullah's woes
> After serving as CIC for four years, Habibullah tendered his
> resignation on October 20, 2009 in order to become chief State
> Information Commissioner of J & K. He would have been the first to
> hold this post.
> However, on December 4, 2009, the Supreme Court served him a contempt
> notice for publishing on the CIC website a detailed reasoned order
> concerning the need for transparency in the elevation of high court
> judges to the SC. The SC said the order lowered the dignity of the
> court. "
> Also
> "THE SUPREME Court on Friday (December 4), issued notice to India's
> Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah on a criminal
> contempt petition filed by the Union of India and mentioned by
> attorney general GE Vahanavati.
> The petition alleges that publication of two controversial decisions
> on the website of the Central Information Commission lowers the
> dignity of the court and interferes in the administration of justice.
> The petition also alleges that the two CIC decisions were in fact
> written by Prashanth Bhushan advocate for the appellant one Subhash
> Chandra Agrawal.
> The contempt petition goes on to state that the appellant Subhash
> Chandra Agrawal is a professional information seeker fronting
> for a
> coterie of Supreme Court advocates styled as 'Committee for Judicial
> Accountability' seeking to promote a few candidates for
> judgeship and
> the CIC is collaborating with busybodies bent on tarnishing the
> court's image.
> Habibullah has now decided to stay on as chief information
> commissioner to answer these charges levied against him in his
> personal capacity.
> The Supreme Court had decided to take the unusual step of
> staying the
> CIC's orders directed against it for the reason that Agrawal's right
> to information (RTI) appeal had raised queries concerning the passing
> over of Chief Justice AP Shah of the Delhi High Court who is himself
> hearing a previous matter of Agrawal's in the Delhi High Court versus
> the apex court."
> and
> "New Delhi: The Chief Information Commissioner of India Wajahat
> Habibullah has consented to withdraw his resignation from the office
> to the President of India. Wajahat Habibullah, who had resigned
> as the
> ChiefInformation Commissioner of India, on 20th Oct 2009 was supposed
> to take up his new assignment as the watchdog to the Right To
> Information in Jammu and Kashmir on Oct 26.
> According to informed sources the development was consequent to the
> criminal notice issued today by the Supreme Court of India in a
> contempt of court motion filed against Shri Habibullah by the
> Solicitor General of India citing 2 recent decisions of the
> CentralInformation Commission ordering the court's Public Information
> Officer to disclose cerrtain information pertaining to the recent
> appointment of some judges of the court. If Habibullah had taken up
> his new assignment in J&K he would have had to defend the case
> in his
> personal capacity.
> The Union of India has alleged that the publication on the CIC's
> website of these controversial decisions containing scandalous
> pleadings of the appellant has tended to lower the dignity of the
> Court and interfere in the administration of justice by
> busybodies in
> collaboration with the CentralInformation Commission."
> Sarbajit
> On Oct 30, 4:04 am, wajahat <> wrote:
> > I don't recall having seen any such mention in the press. Can
> you let me have a copy?
> > Wajahat
> >
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> > Date: Friday, October 29, 2010 9:47 pm
> > Subject: [HumJanenge] Former CIC challenges notice by CIC
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> >
> > > Reliable sources, who decline to be quoted,  inform that
> > > former Chief
> > > Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah has refused to part
> > > with a
> > > copy of the contempt notice served on him by the Supreme
> Court of
> > > India in December 2009. The information had been requested
> under RTI
> > > by a citizen from Bengaluru S Umapathi on 7th September 2010
> > > when Mr
> > > Habibullah was the Chief Commissioner. When Mr Habibullah
> > > refused to
> > > divulge the contempt notice to the PIO of the Commission, he was
> > > served a third party notice immediately after he demitted
> > > office. It
> > > is now reported that Mr Habibullah has denied that any such
> contempt> > notice, as widely reported in the media, was ever served
> > > formally on
> > > him.

[HumJanenge] Orissa RTI website bags best India eGov Award

This is very welcome development for peoples of Odissha

Bhubaneswar: The RTI website of the State has been awarded as the best
user-friendly website in the Country. A high profile event for
choosing best website in the country conducted by India eGov 2.0 in
New Delhi on October 28 choose States RTI Central Mechanism (RTI CMM)
as the best user-friendly website and conferred India eGov 2.0

The States RTI website is now connecting as many as 1800 offices and
providing information to the people tirelessly.

Speaking to the mediapersons here, Information and Public Relation
Minister Prafulla Samal informed that the State's RTI CMM was selected
by a grand jury consisting of eminent persons and headed by senior
Director of IT of Ministry of Communication and IT Ashis Sanyal as the
best from among 128 websites used by Government and public sector

The Nodal Officer of RTI and Secretary of Department SN Tripathy said
the State RTI Portal presently serves the need of
over 1800 offices. The website access the system ensuring compliance
of the RTI Act, 2005. It also has public feedback as well as
interactive mechanism to enable citizen to post online RTI
applications and appeals to any public authority.

The award was received by Director, I and PR, BP Mohanty at the event
ceremony held in New Delhi.

Re: [HumJanenge] Yet another instance of impersonation

Dear All

The note below is a pack of lies. Young Master Vishal knows very well that his account has been compromised. Our members are requested not to be scammed by emails from the yahoo account which are being forwarded to at least 5 other persons (and then who knows ho many more).

To prove this we enclose below a copy of an email from senior RTI member Raja Bunch which is awaiting moderation before posting to H-J. Yahoo group. How would we have a copy of this unless the account is not compromised, or I am the owner of H-J Yahoo :-)

This message is being posted to H-J googlegroups at 21:25 IST.


From: raja bunch <>
Subject: Re: [HumJanenge] Activists in Maharashtra join hands to form state Right to Information Council
Date: Saturday, 30 October, 2010, 7:42 PM

Friends, excuse me when and who convened this meeting. Today I have come to know all about it . Who has elected the co-ordinators etc ? I have never heard of this on board or from any boby talking among the RTI activists. Is there any secret in this.? Cause is clear and good. Kindly post more relevant details on the board.Possible hard copy to me.
Hope not going the Amitabh Thakur way,once on the board some time back. Or some clerical error some where.Where is transperency?

On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 6:57 PM, vishalkudchadkar <> wrote:

Dear All,

I was just told that a few members are receiving emails similar to the one pasted below. Please note that this is yet another attempt to mislead the members.

My gmail id is and yahoo id is Any email received by you from any other id is NOT from me. Please be wary of this.



Hum Janenge <>
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Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 16:00:11 IST has requested to automatically forward
mail to your email

[HumJanenge] Spam filters being installed

Dear friends

To cut down on spam posted to this group, the list moderators are
installing gmail spam filters. During the tedious installation process
there may be a some stray or confusing messages. Please put up with
the inconvenience for a better tomorrow.

[HumJanenge] "Powerful babus biggest threat to RTI" - CIC A.N.Tiwari

Speaking yesterday at a function at the DoPT's Institute of
Secretarial Training and Management (ISTM), the Chief Information
Commissioner A.N. Tiwari said RTI should be saved from "an upsurge of

Admitting that RTI had some weakness as it was the "outgrowth of
judicial intervention and has a legalistic framework," he said the RTI
Act was facing divergent challenges.

"On the one hand, the aspiration of people to access information was
on the upswing while on the other hand, officials need confidentiality
to run the system," he said.

Tiwari said there were different categories of people frequenting the
RTI system.

"The first category is those who want to pull down the high and mighty
and want to know whether wealth was amassed by the authorities or
corruption was practised. The second set is those who want to know how
the government used its discretion in policy matters," he said.

The third category, or "bread and butter" group, want to know about
the fate of their provident fund accounts and pension papers, he said.

According to Tiwari, the fourth group, mostly officials facing
vigilance probes or disciplinary actions, were misusing the RTI system
most to find out the moves against them.

"These articulate, English-speaking, powerful group of bureaucrats are
the biggest challenge to the RTI system," he said.

Re: [HumJanenge] Re: HumJanenge a nest of haramis

Dear Sh Roy

As owner of both H-J groups, I stand by my statements

a) that you joined H-J in 2004,
b) that you were a founding member of H-J and
c) that you continue to be a member of H-J.

Of course the incidents of 2006 at H-J which you refer to are to be
deplored, but Masterji had his
own compulsions (which you know fully) and these old matters are best
forgotten so that all true RTI activists can prepare for the battles
which are to be fought shortly, and which are best fought under a
common banner instead of dividing the RTI houses


On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 1:19 AM, sroy1947 <> wrote:
> Dear Mr / Ms PMK
> It is factually inforrect to say that I was a member of Humjanenge
> since 2004 or that I was a "founding member' of that group.
> To the best of my recollection, and since I do not have those old
> emails any more, I was only a member there for about 2 months
> in 2006 (maybe March / April 2006).
> As you may recall, the plain fact is that certain members of HJ
> could not stand anyone raining on their parade (ie. exposing their
> activist lies and half truths), and your mentor Prakash Kardaley was
> too egoistical, weak, drunk and ignorant to allow me to post on his
> group.
> As at that point of time HJ was the only RTI group/list it had many
> PIOs and FAAs who were "lurking" there. Some of them were quite
> amazed reading my posts to HJ and to find that there existed citizens
> who were using RTI Act in a way different to these RTI activist
> haramis.
> And so we decided to build up the alternative RTI_India yahoogroup -
> which is everything that HumJanege is not.
> So I again must request you to formally unsubscribe me from this
> group, as your underlying premise is flawed.
> Sarbajit
> On Oct 28, 10:43 pm, PMK1504 <> wrote:
>> Dear Shri Roy,
>> You were invited to join this group as a courtesy in your capacity as
>> a founding member of Humjanenge since 2004. The other members of this
>> group have mostly been directly inducted through transference of the
>> HJ membership list.
>> Since you have accepted our invitation (and not been directly added),
>> it is incumbent upon you to unsubscribe should you wish to leave this
>> group. The very fact that you are able to post messages to this group
>> should be adequate confirmation that the owners of the HumJanenge
>> googlegroup do not always follow the path of the yahoogroup version.
>> I also humbly request, and as we discussed at the CIC's birthday
>> party, that your language be parliamentary and that words like
>> "harami" may be used judiciously.
>> PMK
>> On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 12:47 AM, sroy1947 <> wrote:
>> > Dear Mr. Owner / Moderator HumJanenge
>> > I am aggrieved that I have not been unsubscribed from this group. It
>> > is a trivial mater for me to unsubscribe myself, but I require you to
>> > do so as an acknowledgment of my grievance.
>> > I reiterate that Humjanenge is a nest of haramis, and I want to have
>> > nothing to do with this group. I strongly object to your posting
>> > messages I have posted to this group without my permission.
>> > It is groups such as Humjanenge which are responsible for the mess
>> > that RTI is in today. You f***ers are the ones responsible for getting
>> > one of India's most corrupt citizens appointed as an IC. The entire
>> > CommonWealth Games ghotala could only be facilitated because he was
>> > handpicked to be the Information Commissioner responsible for Delhi
>> > Government and also its PWD (Public Works) division.
>> > That this particular individual has repeatedly demonstrated his
>> > inherent corruptibility is demonstrated by messages posted to the HJ
>> > group where he calls for proceedings of the Central Information
>> > Commission to be
>> > A) conducted without the farce of having an open hearing
>> > B) If not, then oral submissions to be restricted to 7 minutes by the
>> > appellant
>> > C) Orders to be dictated in advance by professional "appraisers" who
>> > are paid Rs.200 per case. and so on.
>> > This is exactly what that HJ M**F**r has being doing in the last 2
>> > years sitting in Delhi.
>> > If any 'mai ka laal' disputes this, please read message no.13188 on
>> > HJ(yahoo) archives and reads his comments like this.
>> > "If there is a need to observe the farce of a hearing, as per the so-
>> > called principles of 'natural justice' enshrined in a Supreme Court
>> > judgement, about 60 matters could be disposed on
>> > one day and a farcical 'hearing' held, as is done in certain courts. "
>> > Until you unsubscribe me, I shall carry on posting more messages like
>> > this, so F*** you too.
>> > Warmly
>> > Sarbajit