Wednesday, July 1, 2020

[IAC#RG] Debate : This gutless cowardly Govt dares not arrest fake Babas and Acharyas for outright deception

Dear IAC-ians

Is there really any difference between a Prime Minister with fake degrees (from universities which he never attended classes at) quacking away that deadly COVID-19 virus can be eliminated in 16 days by lighting candles, banging pots and pans at night etc, and his sinister diabolical equally under-educated conman cohort duo peddling ancient Indian herbs as a COVID-19 "guaranteed" cure with  100% success of COVID cases in 7 days as per evidence based trials.

It is clear as a bell that either the Constitution of India which talks loftily of developing scientific temper has been greatly abused by such charlatans who have been elevated to great heights by the folly of our great unwashed masses, or that the Republic is in its death throes after science, reason and rationality have abandoned it.

NB: See how an alleged "yog" guru ties himself in knots explaining (a) how it was never claimed that CORONIL cures COVID-19 and b) how Ayurvedic medicine laws and standards in India are non-existent and waiting to be exploited by immunity boosting charlatans.