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India Against Corruption

                                                                      HOW  TO DEAL WITH MOTIVATED AGITATORS AND TERRORISTS ?


For the last several days, some members of the Islamic group have been agitating against CAA. Now they are blocking roads in Delhi, Chennai and other places, though the government has assured that CAA would not affect any citizen of India and judiciary have banned such road blocking protests .

But, the agitators are determined  to continue with road blockade. Obviously, they want to create a law and order situation, so that the government will forcibly remove them which will lead to stone throwing, violence, lathi charge and may even be firing. 

Probably, the agitators want to create a situation where  India will look like a disturbed country and draw the attention of the world and discredit the government. Of course, some Islamic countries and some opposition parties in India will call the government action as suppression of freedom and minority oppression.

Can anyone tell me how the government of India should deal with this situation.? So far, government of India has been extremely patient and silently watching. How long can this continue ?


Sunday, February 16, 2020


Despite our Supreme Court having clearly ruled time and again that public roads cannot be closed even for the movement of VVIP vehicles, the traffic mayhem witnessed in and around Panaji over the weekend on account of the visit by Portugal's President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is highly condemnable. Every visiting dignitary must be given a warm welcome but not at the cost of disrupting the traffic. 

The authorities were required to ensure that the free flow of vehicular traffic was not obstructed or blocked. It was sheer incompetency by the traffic regulating authorities that the commuting public were put to great inconvenience and traffic chaos all over while the traffic police miserably failed in controlling the mess. Such disruption of normal life is absolutely impermissible and unpardonable. Even the visiting President of Portugal would have not liked it.

May be its high time that our RTO and Traffic officials who currently have the expertise in only prosecuting the common men and women for minor traffic violations, are now professionally trained on proper traffic management. There is no reason why a well thought out plan cannot be put in place to execute for every visiting dignitary and major event in the state rather than people being needlessly inconvenienced through a gridlocked capital and State due to the pathetic  failures and negligence by the authorities.  

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