Tuesday, August 15, 2017


I pen these few lines with a very very heavy heart. I wish that I didn't have one, as in today's world, one is better off without one.

Yesterday was Dependence rather than Independence Day, Goa having witnessed a very unpriestly misdemeanor at a time when the country is shunning the very obnoxious culture of VIP treatment.

On the Annual Feast in the chapel at Goa's Raj Bhavan the residence of the Goa Governor, the Mass yesterday morning at 10am was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Arnold Pinho. It was attended by a very large congregation of over 500. All went well until just before the final blessing when Rev. Fr. Arnold Pinho suddenly paused and announced a halt in the proceedings as her Excellency the Governor of Goa Mridula Sinha was on her way.

After keeping that huge audience (which included a patient in a wheel chair) unnecessarily waiting for over 15 long minutes entertained with some hymns, the Rev. Fr. Arnold Pinho, on being informed that the Governor was infact not coming, gave the final blessings and finally wound up the Mass.

The Archbishop of Goa His Grace Filipe Neri Ferrao must take a serious note of this uncalled for behaviour by his Priest, demonstrate his strong disapproval and undertake appropriate action. It is on account of the repeated very weak leadership displayed by our Archbishop, that a lot of his flock has been moving elsewhere.

But having been baptized by parents and unable to get their consent as both of them are dead, I have no option but to respectfully hang on to the path they led me.


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