Friday, April 24, 2020


Dear Rodrigues

You are not the only advocate on this forum, and I once again caution you to stop misusing our shared resource for unethical self promotion.

I wonder how you can clam to be an advocate allowed to practice in India, when you labor under the wrong notion that, in India, "advocates are officers of the Court".

Since you also claim to be an officer of the High Court, would you kindly circulate a copy of your appointment orders detailing your salaries and allowances etc. issued under Article 229 of the Constitution of India which is reproduced below for your ready reference

Article 229 in The Constitution Of India 1949
229. Officers and servants and the expenses of High Courts
(1) Appointments of officers and servants of a High Court shall be made by the Chief Justice of the Court or such other Judge or officer of the Court as he may direct: Provided that the Governor of the State may by rule require that in such cases as may be specified in the rule no person not already attached to the Court shall be appointed to any office connected with the Court save after consultation with the State Public Service Commission
(2) Subject to the provisions of any law made by the Legislature of the State, the conditions of service of officers and servants of a High Court shall be such as may be prescribed by rules made by the Chief Justice of the Court or by some other Judge or officer of the Court authorised by the Chief Justice to make rules for the purpose: Provided that the rules made under this clause shall, so far as they relate to salaries, allowances, leave or pensions, require the approval of the Governor of the State
(3) The administrative expenses of a High Court, including all salaries, allowacnes and pensions payable to or in respect of the officers and servants of the court, shall be charged upon the Consolidated Fund of the State, and any fees or other moneys taken by the Court shall form part of that Fund

NB: We sympathise that thousands of advocates like yourself are on the verge of starvation due to lockdown, but you must be aware that this is in the national interest. Remember and emulate Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Ashfaqullah Khan etc. instead of Ambedkar.  In any event your tiny state of Goa hardly seems to be much affected with all the liquor shops and feni bars working 24x7 to sanitise the innards of certain Portuguese (dual) citizens who reside there.


On Sat, Apr 25, 2020 at 5:35 AM Aires Rodrigues <> wrote:
Advocates as officers of the Court have to remain available for the public round the clock to render our services in case of any legal emergency that anyone may encounter.

We owe it to this noble profession to provide legal assistance that anyone may require at any time of the day for any legal problem that they may face. 

Advocates to secure their client's rights have to attend Police Stations and also move and attend Courts besides approaching various quasi-judicial authorities.

In the current pandemic, we as Advocates must not fret away from our bounden duty but strictly observe Social distancing and all other safety protocols while dealing with our clients and when we appear before the Police Stations, Courts and other authorities to defend the legal rights of our clients.

Aires Rodrigues

Advocate High Court

C/G-2, Shopping Complex

Ribandar Retreat,

Ribandar – Goa – 403006

Mobile No: 9822684372

Office Tel  No: (0832) 2444012




You can also reach me on AiresRodrigues


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With the extended lock-down due to end on 3rd May, in the prevailing dicey circumstances the government may have no option but to extend it further. We have seen how in our very populous nation the law enforcement authorities have over the last few weeks had a very arduous task enforcing the lock-down. So if it is prematurely withdrawn, hell may be let loose in these precarious times.

With new COVID-19 cases surfacing by almost a thousand a day, it is a matter of great concern while the continued deaths across the nation is also worrisome. To take no risks in the current fluid scene, the lock-down would have to be possibly extended by another four weeks and then reviewed. We need to tread cautiously and thoughtfully in dealing with this gruesome pandemic which has brought the whole world on its knees.

The government has to however ensure that the grocery stores are kept wide open so that everyone can get all the required essential commodities. Needless to say the authorities ensure that substandard or adulterated food stuff is not sold while also making sure that the prices are not inflated. The government is duty bound to meticulously see that no one remains hungry.

The country needs to be focused on battling the dreaded virus with all the possible resources at hand. For now politics or any politicking should take the back seat while we all stand as one great nation with Unity in Diversity as our strength.  

Aires Rodrigues

Advocate High Court

C/G-2, Shopping Complex

Ribandar Retreat,

Ribandar – Goa – 403006

Mobile No: 9822684372

Office Tel  No: (0832) 2444012




You can also reach me on AiresRodrigues


Re: [IAC#RG] [UNVERIFIED:] Re: Narendra Modi kuch to sharam karo !

Dear Kapoor

It seems you lack the temperament to be a member of this forum if you persist with such displays of ignorance.

1, Why should we listen to Maulanas ? Why do you, presumably a Hindu, listen to Maalanas ? Are you secretly a Muslim ?

2. Muslims, including the Maulanas, have every right to be full of hate against Hindus. This is in the same way that Hindus were full of hate against Christians and Muslims who ruled over Hindustan in the past. HATE IS GOOD, Embrace It.!!

3. A Muslim has every right under our British generated moth-eaten rotten Constitution to call certain Hindus as "kaafir". A kaafir, in its original sense referred to the "idol worshippers" of Mecca during Mohammed's time, PBUH and was mainly directed at the "priests" and babey shabey who had installed hundred of ridiculous lumps of wood, stone and mud for people to "worship". So if you are upset with this term, kaafir, kindly note that this term is there in its exact sense in each and every Abrahamic religion, each of which exhorts its members to kill idol worshippers (ie. those who refuse to accept the ONE invisible formless God ) aka "unbelievers / infidels"  etc. Obviously you, who appear from your surname to be a Khatri, are not aware of the higher dimensions of Hinduism which mirror closely those of Islam, considering that both sprung from the same source (directly from God .or as revealed indirectly through the archangel Jibrel). 

4. I could extend this further to say that a Muslim Maulana, who would presumably be as knowledgeable in Islamic law as I am in Hindu law, has correctly described you as a non-Hindu, ie. kaafir. No True Muslim would ever dare to describe a True Hinhdu as a kaafir, for if the True believer has 5 (or 6 or 7 as extended by Ha'adith) articles of faith as revealed to Mohammed by the Archangel Jabril, then the True Hindu has 9. and the True Brahmin has all 13 Iman.

5. In conclusion, think carefully about who the chant "Desh ke gadaaron kon ..." refers to.


On Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 11:15 PM Satish Kumar Kapoor <> wrote:


On Friday, April 24, 2020, 12:47:22 PM GMT+5:30, Justice Kamleshwar Nath <> wrote:

Dear Sir,

          This is in the context of Si Nasir Shah's comments on Sri Satish Kapoor regarding Kafirs qua Hindus. Briefly, his comment is:  


                                                 "please confirm to me who has said that Hindus are Kafirs, Please give me an instance……..  let me clarify that  all the lectures given either by Jamatis or in the world over mosques are highlighting the Life & teachings of Prophet Mohammad and the difficulties  the Prophet and his Suhabas (His Disciples) from his enemies during their times. Kafirs in Arabs  was used against those people of that time who were muslims, but did not agree to accept Prophet Mohammad as the Final Prophet of Islam. They were usually refered as "Kufars"  meaning in English as Non Believers of the Prophet. Just thought to correct".


            The history of word "Kafir" as stated is quite likey to be correct; for there were no Hindus in Arab during Prophet's times. But, as happens often, good ideas are corrupted to suit achieve undesirable ends. Since Religion is the most delicate & sensitive asppect of human personality, the word was corrupted to evoke emotions for battles against non-muslims. I request Sri Shah to read BABARNAMA as translated/edited by A.S.Alridge. Babarnama is Babar's Memoirs written by himself. Describing his battle against Rana Sanga, the following appears in the Book in Babar's own words:     


         "…………….but  Rana Sanga was puffed up with pride and became of the number of unbelievers. Satan-like he threw back his head and collected an army of accursed heretics ........  out of whom some wore the accursed torque (tauq), the zinar (the brahmanical thread). Page 572 records: The absurd Hindus, knowing their position perilous, dispersed like carded wool before the wind, and like moths scattered abroad. Mounds were made of their bodies of the slain, pillars of their heads. Page 574-75 records: After this success, Ghazi (Victor in Holy War) was written amongst the royal titles. Below the Titles entered on the Fatehnama, I wrote the following quatrain:

                   "For Islam's sake, I wandered in the Wilds

                    Prepared for war with Pagans and Hindus

                     Resolved myself to meet the Martyr's death

                    Thanks be to God! A Ghazi I became."


          An Order was given to set up a pillar of pagan heads on the infant hill between which and our Camp, the battle had been fought – P. 576.


Babar was the Emperor who established Moghul rule in India on his 5th Invasion and captured Delhi Sultanate Throne from Ibrahim Lodi. I think that should be enough to correct the perception of Sri Nasir Shah.


          I am not commenting on any other aspect of the subject under consideration.






From the Desk of :

Justice Kamleshwar Nath



Up-Lokayukta ( Karnataka ),

Vice Chairman – C.A.T ( Allahabad ),

Judge – High Court ( Lucknow & Allahabad )



`Gunjan', C - 105, Niralanagar, Lucknow : 226 020. Uttar Pradesh, India



Landline : +91-522-2789033.

Mobile : +91-9415010746



From: <> On Behalf Of NASIR SHAH _ CNE K&L
Sent: 21 April 2020 10:14
To: gorumr <>
Cc: indiaresists <>; ravindra malhotra <>;; jayant rao <>; Rina Mukherji <>; Prodipto Roy <>; Satish Kumar Kapoor <>; Peerzada Ashiq <>
Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] [UNVERIFIED:] Re: Narendra Modi kuch to sharam karo !


Dear  Mahendra

Thank you for your mail. My reference to Kashmir actually means J&K. Initially the lockdown or rather strict Curfew was on Jammu. We understand it was necessary for Govtt to put Kashmir under curfew or lockdown not to find any agitation anywhere, particularly in Kashmir and reason there off to our political leaders under house arrest and then finally booked under PSA.  Good that some of them are released.  The agony is that not only where we in the lockdown or curfew but our basic rights were also cutoff I.e., all sort of communication and we expected it to be for a week or two and not for near 7 months. We still don't have 4G here in Kashmir despite appeals from all sort of people be it political, social or business organisations. I am not a politician to discus what and where went wrong since 1947, but as a citizen we expect our rights should be protected and we be allowed to live a dignified life. 

Stay Happy & Warm Regards

Nasir Shah
Managing Director
CNE Luxury Holidays Pvt Ltd
Srinagar - J&K India
T:  +91 194 23114302311436
M: +91 90864952569419065256

On 21-Apr-2020, at 9:10 AM, gorumr <> wrote:

Dear Nasir


"Frankly speaking Democracy in J&K has still been under the lockdown. But we still try to live happier and no grudge against anyone"


Are you referring to the Valley ?  I think all is well in Jammu is n't it? Its basic common  sense that Kashmir has historically been part of india and if Kashmiri muslims wants to create unrest there will be lockdown..







On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 2:57 AM NASIR SHAH _ CNE KASHMIR & LADAKH <> wrote:

Dear Friends,


Lovely Greetings from Kashmir!!!


I have been part of Indiaresists Mailing since long and have always read the coments from various well learned & educated participants in this group.  I fully agree with the coments of Mr. R. N. Malhotra that if Jamatis were responsible for 20%, who would then share the responsibility of 80% wgo got infected. 


I would now like to reply to Mr. Satish Kapoor to please confirm to me who has said that Hindus are Kafirs, Please give me an instance. I am sure must have heard Mulahs in mosques using this word quite often particularly on Fridays, let me clarify that  all the lectures given either by Jamatis or in the world over mosques are highlighting the Life & teachings of Prophet Mohammad and the difficulties  the Prophet and his Suhabas (His Disciples) from his enemies during their times. Kafirs in Arabs  was used against those people of that time who were muslims, but did not agree to accept Prophet Mohammad as the Final Prophet of Islam. They were usually refered as "Kufars"  meaning in English as Non Believers of the Prophet. Just thought to correct.


Now my humble request to all, please please do not devide this country on the basis of religion, rather the majority community should always try to do the hand holding of the minorities particularly Muslims…. I am sure if you just try to be happy with them, they can honestly sacrifice their life for you & the Country.  Since I come from Kashmir, can some one imagine that we were in Lockdown since 05 August when Article 370 was removed & State devided into 2 UT's the present leadership didn't do good to people of Kashmir, be it Muslims, Sikhs or Hindus of Kashmir , when we faced emotional & complete financial loses for the last 7 months before March, but we still appreciate the Prime Minister Modi did the best thing anouncing lockdown against carona wright on time. Some o you are showing much ant against the Present Political dispensation, but we cant even afford to do that as if we do, then we will be labelled as anti nationals & lodged in the jails with PSA, even if we will speak within the framework of the Indian Constitutution. Frankly speaking Democracy in J&K has still been under the lockdown. But we still try to live happier and no grudge against anyone.


I am writing first time and hope I have not hurt anyone by mail mai.  May God bless you all and May Almighty Allah give us all courage first to fight this war against Caronavirus than than let us all live together with lot of love compassion, understanding, trust for each other so that we  build a New India and yet try to remember the older Pristine Glory of our Country.


Please Please Please, Stay, Happy, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Home & stay Connected. Just I close my mail with one line as under:-




Should you need any further information or detail please feel free to get in touch with the undersigned.



With my Profound Regards to All





From: [] On Behalf Of m.g.r. rajan
Sent: Monday, April 20, 2020 4:08 PM
To: ravindra malhotra;
Cc: jayant rao; indiaresists; Rina Mukherji; Prodipto Roy; Satish Kumar Kapoor
Subject: [UNVERIFIED:] Re: [IAC#RG] Narendra Modi kuch to sharam karo !


I agree with Shri R.N. Malhotra that Kameswar Singh Elangbam's mail lacks basic civility and decency to even read, let alone reply. I wonder how it passed the moderators before being posted. 


Dr. Rajan


From: <> on behalf of kameswar elangbam <>
Sent: Sunday, April 19, 2020 2:17 PM
To: ravindra malhotra <>
Cc: jayant rao <>; indiaresists <>; Rina Mukherji <>; Prodipto Roy <>; Satish Kumar Kapoor <>
Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] Narendra Modi kuch to sharam karo !


Dear to all,


·         Do you agree Modi is doing good job or not ?

·         If not, tell one step he has done wrongly without considering the country first and its masses!

·         Do you think at this time, Rahul Gandhi will be a better PM?

·         Tell one important advice or suggestion RG has given to Modi

·         Those who say he is Chowkidar, Chutia, Chor, Shameless and what not 

·         Tell one suggestion or advice which will be better than what his Govt is doing

·         Simply talking and criticizing, although in democracy welcome but it exposes your illiteracy and idiocy and hollowness even ulterior motives

·         I think it is always better to speak or suggest something better than what they are doing 

·         otherwise the best way is TO KEEP THE DIRTY MOUTH SHUT

Thank you, with warm regards

Dr Kameswar Singh Elangbam



On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 12:04 AM ravindra malhotra <> wrote:

It seems the ardent followers of PM Modi are flouting the dictat of their leader to not to communalise this issue. Top most Ministers have said that virus does not see the religion before infecting. If say 20% infections are on account of negligance of Jamat, whose negligence is responsible for rest of the 80% cases? Should we  be using same language that is being used for Jamat? You are aware that a number of birthday/marriage parties have been held by politicians during lock down, how many people got infected in them will never come in papers or in TV. 


It has been widely reported that attack on health professionals has been on account of distrust that probably got developed against administration over last couple of years. In absence of adequate representation of all communities in governance, intentions of the government perhaps do  not reach correctly to communities with no representation, and problems of this type occur.




On Saturday, April 18, 2020, 10:07:25 PM GMT+5:30, Satish Kumar Kapoor <> wrote:



what you mean ?


You only believe in Muslim Appeasement ?


Don't you feel ashamed what Jamat has done ?


Your blood does not boil to read news of attack on medical staff by muslims ?


Your blood does not boil to listen Molanas saying hindus Kafir, insukting hindu bReligion.


If your blood does not boil on what harm muslims are doing, you are just shameless person "Jai Chand Vansaj"


Modi is protecting hindus from Jihadis.


Shame to you on such a postings.




On Saturday, April 18, 2020, 11:16:44 AM GMT+5:30, Prodipto Roy <> wrote:



Kindly change this header whoever invented it as it seems to be creating much angst. Besides, I don't expect any sharam from this government's bosses - they think they can absolve their sins in the next Maha Kumbh or later, in their next lives.


Sorry to upset your argument but I can't be a Communist as I have neither read Marx nor Mao though I did have their works in my house! (All educated people's libraries have them.) I believe in citizen's natural rights - Naisargik Adhikar jisko kahte hain.


I know about the dire situation decades of top-down policies and malgovernance have created for ordinary village people in remote so-called Maoist affected areas from first hand, in Jharkhand where my sociologist husband and I worked with 9 displaced villages for four years (in honorary capacity) in Asia's biggest opencast coal mine handed over to a foreign company and CCL by Rajiv Gandhi's government. And I have followed the pogroms against tribals and extrajudicial killings, incarceration and torture of men and women by police and paramilitaries in Chhattisgarh until the Supreme Court outlawed the state supported Salwa Judum campaign. Their plight has been exploited by armed militants and to me this represents a failure of governance on the part of the Indian state. 


When people resist venal state officials, corruption at all levels of government, displacement by mining companies (in joint ventures with NMMDC, why not with the original tillers of the land?), miserable rates of compensation for land and no compensation at all for the forest produce that forms their main source of livelihood, and state repression when they resist displacement then they often have no recourse but to join some militant movement to demand their rights as citizens. Does empathising with them constitute being a Communist? 


FYI the government commissioned an IAS officer Debu Bandhopadhay to study the situation and present his report on Left-wing Extremism in these areas. His conclusions point to the same thing - it is caused by sheer failure of governance. You can get this report online now that the Planning Commission has been abolished. Simple village people and tribal communities would never take up arms against the state, because they respect a Mai-Baap Sarkar's authority and armed resistance would be suicidal anyway as proven in the Kalinga Nagar episode in Orissa.


Btw, Debu Bandhopadhyay is by no means a Communist sympathiser either - he has been a consistent critic of the Left Front government in WB but he did help the state after the Naxalbari movement by designing and implementing the Tebhaga land rights scheme between State and people's representatives.


Can you define what is a Communist in the Indian context? Why do you think anyone who critizes any mukhouta who heads a dubiously elected government a Communist? I don't have time to read Mao and Marx but I do see a lot of criticism hurled at presidents of the US by ordinary citizens and Netizens who would never call themselves Communist. 


Where did you (Rao, Rina M. et al.) get the idea that Communism was a bad word? It's a form of government that is accepted in India. And you must know that the 'Communist' government of Kerala has done the best job in this current emergency by monitoring and containing the spread of Covid19 and reducing death rates in the state. Is that a bad thing to have done ?? 


J. Roy



On Sat, 18 Apr 2020, 09:58 jayant rao, <> wrote:

Communists are not happy with anything good that is happening in the country.Their destructive mind set is so tuned to see everything negative and with hatred that they have cocooned their warped mind. Roy sseems to the product of this mind set. 

Good luck


On Sat, 18 Apr 2020, 2:26 am Prodipto Roy, <> wrote:

I did not invent the title of this thread but I am not averse to it. You may support this goverment because you benefit from it. But I cannot accept a communal, minority hating and fascist goverment that has come to power twice most likely by fixing the EVMs with a hand-picked servile Gujarat cadre IAS as CEC. While it is the so-called elected government I have to follow its rules but that doesn't mean I have to praise it. 


If they genuinely start testing everyone including in remote rural areas and crowded bustees of the poor, and make adequate arrangements for the tsunami of Covid cases that will come by May-June as well as stop exporting drugs that our own people will need soon just to please our new friends, then I may change my opinion about this Sarkar, regardless of how it came to power.


Tab tak main yeh kahoongi ki yeh sarkar sharam aur karam ka MATLAB hi nahi samajhti hain. (Main yeh oopar ki heading nahi di - is silsila ko jari rakhke aap hi isko barha rahe hain!) Aapko hi khamosh rahna padega ya koi naya title se nayi sutra shuru karna padega.  




On Fri, 17 Apr 2020, 14:14 neeraj singla, <> wrote:

Very very Bad


Ms Joya Roy, I can sense your hatred for everything that is Indian, especially Modiji. You also must be the Tukde Tukde gang, the anti CAA lobby, award wapsi and intolerance brigade. I can understand your pain. Your free loading must have stopped


You must be very happy the way our health workers are beaten by the goons, predominantly Muslims. Unfortunately for you, the health workers are not beaten by your so called lathi wielding RSS men.


In place of asking Modiji, Kuch to sharam karo, pl try to see your self in the mirror, I know you are thick skinned aur aap to sharam nahin karoge


Do not forget, the normal has changed. We will not accept your tantrums any more. Enough is enough. Suggest you see the link below





Good Luck


Neeraj Singla


From: <> on behalf of Prodipto Roy <>
Sent: Friday, April 17, 2020 3:52 AM
To: indiaresists <>
Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] Narendra Modi kuch to sharam karo !


Re the statement that India had "10,000 cases in 75 days", we all know that that's a gross underestimate because, a) India has one of the lowest testing rates in the world such that given our population, our published data are even less credible than those of some subSaharan countries or secretive China, b) our testing protocols applied to arrivals at airports, ports, later at some state borders, or to hospital entries, and c) government admits that India is yet to develop/import on the mass scale needed, a sufficient quantity of testing kits, and indeed, of all other epidemic related equipment like PPEs, masks, ventilators, hand sanitizers, etc.


As you know this government has been allergic to the collection and disclosure of data of any kind, be they on employment, banking, PHC functioning and use in rural areas, health and malnutrition status of LIGs, of children, or whatever. So there is no mechanism to collect data on morbidity and mortality for over 80 per cent of the population who live in rural areas or urban slums. Thus the Covid+ve figure of 10,000 can't be taken seriously and  certainly not congratulate ourselves about.


In this situation, containment, with lockdowns enforced by a barbaric police force or paramilitaries including lathi wielding RSS men rather than active health status monitoring or curative health care remains the focus of this government. Tell me, how many people under lockdown actually have access to even a district hospital even in the most advanced districts of rural India? We can only hope that the stars, sunlight, UVCs, home remedies for immunity and faith in our multiple gods and godmen/women will carry that underserved 70 per cent of the population through this crisis.


(Smt.) Joya Roy

Research Editor


On Fri, 17 Apr 2020, 08:07 m.g.r. rajan, <> wrote:

Mr. Natarajan, Which TV news channel would you prefer to believe? Bootlicking has not stopped, only the boots have changed!

 Yesterday CNN News 18 (you know who owns it) displayed a graph showing the number of days in which different countries had 10,000 Covid-19 positive cases. We had them in 75 days. 

Iran, Italy, Spain, US etc had much higher infection rates.  South Korea had 10,000 in 71 days, China in 76 days. 

Care to comment?


From: <> on behalf of Natarajan <>
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2020 7:54 AM
To: <>; Indiaresists <>
Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] Narendra Modi kuch to sharam karo !


God save India from its maligning commentators. The British quit India 73 years ago but left behind bootlicking slaves who are unable to erase their masters from their minds. People of India responded so enthusiastically to the ace motivator Modi, that, impressed by it, people of other countries publicly followed suit much to the discomfiture of slaves. Their frustration has now turned into to hatred. Even if the incident referred were true, it demonstrates the lighting response. BBC is notorious for its inaccuracy in covering India thanks to its slaves filing malicious stories to please their masters and earn a few crumbs. For them, first their master, then anyone else. Look at the quoted headline scripted from India. Enough of this nonsense.


On Thu, 16 Apr 2020 at 2:50, ravi kapoor

Doctors all over India are now getting increasingly concerned with the desperate shortage of reliable COVID testing kits.


Patients with acute symptoms of fever and pulmonary distress are not being tested in Government hospitals across the country as Modi's government desperately tries to keep the numbers under control by April 20th 2020 for the economy to be opened by hook or by crook.


Once again it is an Emergency like situation all across India where the only news which can be trusted is from the foreign press

Is India underreporting the coronavirus outbreak? - BBC News

We continue to stand by the @LockDownIndia Covid data projections. Our model is an extremely conservative model which could not anticipate that the Government would run out of COVID19 testing kits from 11th April onwards. Conservatively, based on international experience, there would be at least 5 cases unidentifed cases for each COVID19 conformation. As such it can be projected there would be at least 75,000 infected persons in India


The national capital Delhi ran out of accurate PCR testing kits 2 days ago (13th April 2020) when there was a huge surge of 366 confirmed cases (official data) that day.The situation was so desperate that the Director Public Health NCDC in Delhi personally flew down to Mumbai/Maharashtra so he could borrow about 120 kits which he brought back. Today (15.April.2020) only 37 tests could be conducted  in Delhi and 15 cases were identified by PCR when at least 1,200 patients were waiting to be tested on PCR after rapid testing.


God help India and save us from pot banging and candle lighting lying politicians who have put us in this mess,.





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