Monday, November 23, 2020


The use of Masks, along with sanitizing and washing of hands and social distancing is widely seen as a three pronged package of personal measures to deter the virus. The need for widespread testing, tracking and tracing, self isolation and urgent medical treatment if applicable, is regarded as the norm for the containment and treatment of the virus. 

However, all these measures will only be effective and possible when there is determined, focused and effective Leadership to implement urgently, sustained state of the art medical, testing and treatment facilities by upgrading and equipping our health centres, hospitals and building new ones to cope with demand. Secondly to educate the people and reinforce the effective use of these measures by using every possible means at their disposal, including social and online media, news media, printed media and through every educational, industrial and public institution. The Health authorities should clarify in what circumstances and how all these measures like masks, should be used so that they are effective and not counterproductive.  

Regrettably, several months into this raging pandemic, we still see people wearing masks while jogging, during morning walks, while cycling and even in a gymnasium. We also need to know whether a mask needs to be worn when one is driving a car alone or even a two wheeler. What about in an enclosed area like an office where you may be alone or with a client or in any public gathering? Some persons are wearing masks while even having a shower and also while sleeping.

A proper expert medical opinion on all these issues by the Health officials would be of help to improve the effectiveness of these measures and contain the virus. This destructive virus thrives on person to person transmission often caused by chaos and confusion as a result of poor leadership and education of the tools available at our disposal. Sustained and regular clarification and reinforcement by Health experts could go a long way to help to contain the spread of the virus.  

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