Monday, December 31, 2012

[IAC#RG] Murder of a young girl in Delhi (was sexonwheels)

Dear Nidhi

I think you know me well enough and long enough to know that we would
never stoop to such levels.

This is a typical example of Indians expecting that "somebody else"
(preferably in authority) will solve their problems if they complain.
All anyone had to do was to open their email program/browser click
"Edit subject" and change it to whatever they wanted.

Well I've just done so (as usual). Everyone please reply on this


PS: To the member who wanted "child rights/protection , juvenile
justice etc in the Charter). We'd already had a discussion on this and
its MOST DEFINITELY in IAC's "to do" list but we didn't want to get
into detailing all the issues at this time. BTW: We have nothing
specific on women's rights either in the Charter. That must wait till
we start forming our local groups and special committees.


On 12/31/12, Nidhi Sharma <> wrote:
> why on earth is the subject line "sex on wheels". its almost derogatory to
> the issue. seriously. is ths your way of attracting more slimy readers?

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