Wednesday, October 24, 2018



By Aires Rodrigues

My sincere gratitude to the officials at the WhatsApp headquarters in California for having late last night acted swiftly to restore my WhatsApp account which was blocked and banned on Tuesday evening at the instance of a Senior Goa Politician. Having lost the company of WhatsApp for 24 long hours was so daunting.

I have explained to WhatsApp that I have at no time violated any of their Terms of service. If anyone that may have creeped into my contact list is unable to digest what I write,  would humbly request him to unfriend me or in the alternate block me as a result of which he would not be burdened with any of my further messages.

The BJP at Goa in 2012 and Narendra Modi in 2014 at the Centre rode to power optimizing the use of social media to the maximum. That very same BJP is now trying to ensure curbs on the social media to suppress and muzzle the freedom of speech. The power to dissent and constructive criticism of any government is vital to the very functioning of democracy.  

In recent years social media has transformed and has drastically enhanced our power to communicate instantly across the world. Through Whatsapp, Twitter, the various groups on Facebook besides other global networking sites that I am enrolled with, I am able to communicate by sharing a message or a thought with over 20 lakh people.

Thank you Social Media. It's an amazing world!

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