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Re: [IAC#RG] Dear Arvind : Letter 1 of many to come

I fully agree with the comment " present system is enough to convert a yogi into a greedy and selfish man". in the long run, it is only education which can make difference. Swami Vivekananda stated long back "Man making is the biggest challenge". where from to bring competent and devoted persons for the society and the nation? Answer lies in education system; it is long process. What is condition of education today. I as a Principal of a technical institute suffering for my drive against corrupt practices in technical education system in Maharashtra State.
Dr. Upadhyay  

On Sat, Jan 4, 2014 at 7:59 PM, SURESHAN P <> wrote:

Without thinking and without having clear policy to change the system if you reached power that party will become another corrupt party just like the existing parties. This change is gradually going to happen in AAP also. Now all ministers have accepted official vehicle, That is why I have written earlier that this is a trap which laid by the congress for AAP to jump over . The facilities connected with power in the present system is enough to convert a Yogi into a greedy and selfish man. Once enjoyed the fruit of power no body will be ready to live without it. This is  the attraction of power. That is why we have seen politicians changing parties and ideas just like cloths. So AAP Ministers are started to enjoy the power, slowly they will reach a position without which they can't survive. Few weeks are required to reach that stage. Once reached that stage they will slowly stop any kind of actions against the previous Ministry or else congress will threaten to withdraw the support. U can't fight against a Man who has nothing to loose, So the first strategy of the congress is to give something to AAP, Now they have to loose something, so it is easy to fight against them..... This is called transformation In Indian Politics.

On Sat, Jan 4, 2014 at 4:05 PM, Gaur J K <> wrote:
Thanks and I fully agree with you. I have always felt that issue-based consolidation with likeminded patriotic people is essential for civil society to be  an effective instrument of change.
I also agree with you about Jayant Bhusan and Sh. Shantibhusanji.
JKGaur .

Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2014 00:38:19 +0530

Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] Dear Arvind : Letter 1 of many to come

Dear Mr. Gaur

Let me say that people of India, and India's corporates, generally have high opinion of Shanti Bhushanji and his son Jayant Bhushan for their legal acumen. We cannot forget for instance the great deeds Shanti Bhushanji did for the nation at around the Emergency period when D.E.M o'cracy in India was receiving its obituaries.

The movement India Against Corruption is much more than the sum of its personalities. No personality based movement can sustain itself indefinitely and eventually all such movements fizzle out when the participants bicker among themselves and jockey for power. It is only the movements which are based on solid foundations / ideals / trust / healthy communication which endure. IAC is going through a consolidation phase now and people shall have to be patient while IAC works out its external linkages with other patriotic forces.


On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 1:21 PM, Gaur J K <> wrote:
Dear Mr. Roy.
Concept of Subsidies by itself is a highly debatable and much misunderstood issue-specially as practiced in the country. Somehow it gives me a feeling that it is being used as a vote catching device by central/state Govts from vulnerable section and source of corruption for the intermediaries..
The 3 main sectors where it has been extended and misused are FOOD,FERTILIZER and FUELS. Subsidy for
Electicity and LPG fall under fuel susidies alongiwth petrolium products. But from where the Govt. finds the money for giving the subsidies. Obviously either they have already recovered the money through ta
xation or will borrow from banking and financial institutions.Ultimately the burgen falls on the people.
Now with regard to elctircity there are 3 components in the billing-
1.Cost of production or energy charges-about 47% of billing amount..
2.Govt. electricity duty(17%) and Sales tax.
3.Other charges like fixed charges, Asset charges etc. which the regulator has agreed to be charged from consumer.
.Obviously there is a strong case to go into the 3 components and for the Govt. to reduce taxes.
Normally the feeling is that the producers, distributors and the regulators are in league.
Same applies to LPG,petrol products, fertilizers and food products(PDS).
If AAP can get CAG involved,we may know more on the subject.
I know your relationship with AK and your views about hiim and Prasant Bhusan. Yet I feel at one time they were a part of the India Against Corruption Movement. Today we are at a point that corruption has taken centre stage and no political party can go against this movement.

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