Monday, December 30, 2013

[IAC#RG] Submissions for "net metering" of solar PV systems

The Secretary, DERC


Dear Madam,

This brief response is filed / submitted by undersigned on behalf of
"India Against Corruption" (IAC) to the proposal for net metering and
connectivity for solar roof mounted PV projects.

1) The IAC OBJECTS to the said proposals. It is clear that these
proposals have been drafted to suit some commercial vested interests
(whose identities are presently unclear).

2) IAC has reason to suspect that DERC's proposals / approvals shall
be used by these vested interests to raise money directly / indirectly
from the public by making all sorts of tall claims and giving rosy
promises. In other words to promote PONZI schemes to take advantage of
the taxation and depreciation benefits available to the "owner" of the
PV systems.

3) The IAC, however, supports Solar Power generation by private
persons for their own consumption / usage.

4) The IAC objects that there is insufficient data / research at
present as to how environmentally friendly Solar Power is if all
aspects of its manufacturing and life cycles are considered. The
undersigned has worked on several such installations and the output is
greatly variable with respect to "cloud factor" and night-time use,
without storage battery banks to smoothen the inverter outputs.

5) The IAC apprehends that such regulatory approvals will be used for
"havala" and money laundering rackets on a large scale.

6) The IAC apprehends and objects that this policy shall only benefit
large property owners / lessees (such as GMR-DIAL, DMRC, Mall owners
etc ) and not the common man.

Accordingly IAC requests to be heard in person and make additional submissions.

yours faithfully

Er. Sarbajit Roy

National Convenor
India Against Corruption, jan andolan

B-59 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024

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