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Re: [IAC#RG] [aryayouthgroup] Re: [media_monitor5] Fw: [scw] Arnab lynching - utter shame on India & BJP


Are left over Gandhians blind? Please express your views, who knows their narrow thinking gets some broad direction. --Kuamr Arun

Why is France opposed from the RSS forum? Ankur Arya Satya Sanatan

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Original Godse did not select a soft target. He selected the target
which had maximum nuisance value ability to harm interests of Hindus
and India at that time. Hindsight is always 20x20.

Now people will surely say another scion of the dynasty in the making would
have been a far better target considering the complete disaster he proved
to be. And he unnecessarily turned Gandhi into a martyr and his stupid 
ideology became albatross around the neck of India for several more decades 
due to the emotional reaction of gullible masses.  According to Gandhi's own confessions Congress had increasingly started ignoring his whims and fancies.  
This burden was about to be jettisoned and he would have gone into oblivion
with a footnote on the history page.  Later on, politicians and media turned
into a demigod and attributed all success of freedom struggle to him of which
he actually many times proved to be a hindrance.

If and when a better Godse comes up he will definitely desist from making
these buffoons into martyrs to burden us for two more generations.  These
people should be exposed for what they are and made irrelevant as Gandhi
should have been.


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BJP follows democratic vallues. And that is visible.

If Godse's ideaology is fair,and  if some body wants to follow him, he should kill Sharad, Sonia Family, Uddhav Sena ....
If pro-Modi/BJP do not kill above persons, it does not mean that they are following MK Gandhi's ideaology.

Any way, I and a lot people will be happy if a "better Godse" comes up, and instead of selecting a soft target, he/she/it selects above hard target like Sharad, Uddhav, Sanjay Raut, Sonia with Sonia's family. Original Godse had selected a soft target. Would a "Better Godse" come up?


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If Gandhians and his ideology are alive, it is wrong to say Gandhi
is dead.  If you think we are discussing Gandhi as a person you
could not be more wrong. We are only discussing Gandhi as a mindset.
As long as it exists, we have to show how and why it needs to be


On Thursday, 12 November, 2020, 11:28:32 am IST, shirish dave [aryayouthgroup] <> wrote:


Give a subject line against BJP, NaMo or his supporter.
Link a dead person like MK Gandhi to Congis, curse him with invalid and fake conclusive remarks.
I have stopped reading such subject line. Because I am one of the nationalist like many others.
I want pro-Lutyen gang to be happy on narratives of unsustainable matters. 

On Thursday, 12 November, 2020, 10:23:21 am IST, sanjeev kulkarni [aryayouthgroup] <> wrote:

I think you are putting the causality in the reverse.  Our downfall started
after Buddhism, Jainism and Mayavad of Shankaracharya.  People thought 
Gandhi/Nehru are ideal and followed them due to this brainwashing for
thousands of years.  Gandhi/Nehru were the symptoms of the mental disease
planted in our psyche which them leaders.  A healthy society with a positive
philosophy and culture would not have followed such buffoons.  

Our varnashrama system also ruined the economy. Spiritualism and 'revealed
knowledge' sealed our fate and stopped us from acquiring real knowledge.
Our resistance to materialism was a death nail. Such a negative society raised 
on pervert philosophy was bound to raise someone of Gandhi's culture and
calibre.  Gandhi was a historical inevitability and culmination of thousands
of years rot in our thinking.  Now we have to get rid of such ideals if we
have to survive.  Or we will serve as an example for other civilizations on
how not to conduct affairs.  


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Hindus were deceived, demeaned & demoralized by Gandhi-Nehru and their staunch followers before, during and after independence. Then Nehru heirs continued looting India by the help of stupid's social servants who kept worshipping Nehruvians and didn't hesitate in getting rid of good among them like LB Shastri & PV Narsimha Rao. Worst among them emerged as queen, born in Italy, fake citizen of India, became savior of Nehru dynasty. Even today she is considered incarnation of Shakti for thousands of idiots who are still enjoying life & livelihood on tax payers' money. Can't you all see how she is making feel scared and still walking & talking like a queen. Only blind can't see that even one of the honest, pious and most beloved PM of all time, is also under control of this queen. Once again, deceptive, demeaning and demoralizing acts are in repeat. 

Dr. Kumar Arun

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Amit ji
Everything you wrote is correct.

It does appear that Mr Modi has taken the route of appeasement, softly softly, right from Day 1. He seems to be under the inhibiting, restraining SHADOW of "Italy & Islam", two formidable factions still controlling the destiny of Bharat, trying to bully the PM into going slow, overlooking, forgetting and forgiving. Thus his policies have benefited the worst criminals and traitors who in other countries would have long been "sorted out" (put behind bars).

His policies may not invite a revolution or coup immediately, but the clock is ticking for the DISASTER in the making, and waiting to happen. Every cause has effect and every act has repercussions. While the attention is focused elsewhere the Muslims are WINNING the demographic revolution, ultimately the Rest of India. The nation will be surprised again when 1947 re-appears.

To assert that Bharat is a Hindu "desh" the Hindus have to be motivated, trained and readied to defend the very concept of "Hindu Desh". At present anyone who says, Bharat is a Hindu desh is ridiculed or "SILENCED, even BEHEADED", unless he says, "Muslims & Italians are preferred minorities." 

Are there guts anywhere to say, "Muslims will be partners when Pakistan and BDesh are dissolved!" and "Thank you" to the Italians who could be our own "Columbus" reincarnated?

We can all see that the political situation in Bharat that since PARTITION has been pro "Italy & Islam" at the cost of the Hindus who happen to be NATIVES!

Hindus are free (to obey and serve) but not Independent yet. The Constitution of crafty Nehru is against them.

11 Nov 2020

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Arun Ji,

Modi and BJP's blatant betrayal to Arnab reminds exactly "Brit Stooge, history's greatest Conman, Paedophile Gandhi's" betrayed to GREAT NETAJI SUBHAS throughout. It does not surprise me as Modi is the biggest promoter of Gandhi and Patel in the world. The way Arnab has been treated as if Shaitan Pappa and Pappu are the just fronts of Modi.

It's abundantly clear, Modi is also the biggest protector of all corrupt and top bureaucrat politicians of India. Modi does not believe of punishing corrupt and criminal politicians. SSR, Disha Salian, Palghar Sadhu murders are the latest examples. Modi came to power in May 2014, name me one politician or top bureaucrats has been sent to prison for their mega loots. He is so frightened of Antonia Maino, that, she still occupies Ex-PM's palatial residence just as an MP only, though this EX-PM died nearly thirty years ago. Keeping Shivaji style bread does not make brave, so many utter cowards and Shaitans keep the same style of beard.

Arnab risked his life for Modi and BJP. And what a return he got? As an ardent BJP supporter, my head goes into shame. Arnab now knows who are his real friends.

May God protect Arnab and hope he does not face the same fate as GREAT NETAJI SUBHAS.

Disclaimer: This email may not be to your liking and may carry nationalistic and patriotic political views, so if you do not wish to receive any further emails from me, then please reply with the word UNSUBSCRIBE.
Amit Bhadhuri, Ex-CISF
Dharma Rakshati Rakshitaha

On Wed, 11 Nov 2020 at 19:11, Kumar Arun <> wrote:
Dear Satya Mahodya,

Have you forgotten about your personal deep involvement in greeting and providing pleasuring activities to all BJP men walking in the NY and organizing public programs for them through your vast friend circle coast to coast? This is what wrong when public starts worshiping political leaders.  Instead, they should be held responsible for doing their job and only thing they deserve is regular scrutiny and reminder to perform their uttered promises. By the way, this applies without saying to Shirman Modi as PM also!


Dr. Kumar Arun

Why is BJP silent on Arnab Goswami?
Many years ago a prominent BJP person told me - if you stand up for Gandhi family one thing you can be assured is they will safeguard and protect you even as they loot the nation, however that cannot be said of BJP and you could end up having to fend for yourselves if you are in trouble.   One should not paint a broad brush as can be seen on how protection was provided just recently to Kangana Ranaut.  But what is inexplicable is BJP silence on potential daylight murder of Arnab Goswami?   How can country explain a revengeful State Government can simply yank away on dubious charges the most popular anchor in the country followed by millions of people not just from India but across from the world and then torture him?  Can Journalists take on any political corruption in the future?   Then what is the fate of a common man? Is this the new India where investors can invest with confidence that there is rule of law? 

Arnab is a national icon, a true nationalist and he has taken the issues that no Journalist in India dares to but when he was subjected to this there does not seem any remedy in sight.  Even if the thuggish state Government do not physically kill him, they can tremendously intimidate him so that he will never be able to function like he does before, or they could hurt his health to such a degree that he will never be able to work as before.   

If this happens to a leftist media house like NDTV,  the news media across the world are screaming and Indian Government at all levels would step in to address it.   Many of them such as Pranoy Roy, Rajdeep Sardesai, Shekhar Gupta, Barkha Dutt,  have vilified, lied and character assassinated Narendra Modi for decades but they are today minting money and will come with double the force the minute Modi and BJP government falters, even in one state elections like Bihar.  But Arnab who stood for the nation and BJP today stands vitiated and has to scream for help. 

Do logical or peaceful methods work with thugs?  

Any delayed action could result in most grievous damage.  Every second matters.  Dr. Swamy has been offering his suggestions how Center can handle this by using Article 256, 257 and if they don't listen use article 356, as given in figure below. 

I am also giving below the hundreds of crores of assets of Uddhav Thackeray and his family posted on the social media.  How did they make all this money?   What is Shiv Sena's connection to underworld?  How many billions have Pawar and family looted and perhaps involved in many criminal actions?  Sonia Gandhi (Antonia Maino) family is out on bail for years now and can we even begin to list their family crimes.  Chidambarama is roaming around freely after the national plunder he facilitated for Gandhi family and for his own family while hundreds of millions of kids today cannot get a full meal each day.   Is Center so helpless that it cannot stop this murder and book these thugs?  Does Center and BJP recognize that there is possibly a larger design of Congress party using power hungry thugs of Shiv Sena in a grand scheme of 'destroy the right using the right'? 

I hope Center urgently take an action before it is too late, it probably already is late.   We cannot create an Atma Nirbhar Bharat and hold our head high if we are silent in the face of this daylight murder. If we do not act swiftly against the sickening thugs that are still in the political elite of India.

List of many crores of Thackeray family?   Where did they get all that money?

Uddhav Thackery assets (pdf file)




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