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Re: [IAC#RG] Reply: Re: Govt has been lying all along on COVID

Agreed with every word Mr. Dalvi except that education - knowledge skills culture and intelligence - are represented through degrees, especially because it's Stephens ..that's odd and outdated. 
Actions of the PM and of the opposition heads speak volumes about how fake the institution of St. Stephens is.. and what a shame in a country of Spiritual Gurus we are still being slaves to the good old English and it's class based systems of degrees and diplomas. 

*Spiritual intelligence being the highest form of human existence. 
And Congress is defined as a group of baboons. . co-incidence .. we think not! 

Let's start picking up real issues of how government sectors are being transferred 
to private owners including judiciary and law order .. that's where there needs to be distinction - if the ruling and opposition are with us or against us just dividing us. 

Intelligent people don't have degrees they create new institutions if thoughts and actions. Institutions that are current with the times and needs of humanity and our environment. 

Vande Maataram 

On Tue, 11 Aug 2020, 03:44 Rajinder Dalvi, <> wrote:
Dr. Tantri

Unfortunately true that under a series of uneducated politicians India has been steadily descending into chaos and confusion.

Rahul Gandhi's fake degree were under scanner but at least he attended colleges like St.Stephens . Narendra Modi's fabricated degrees (correspondence MA in "Entire" Political Science) from RSS University which has zero attendance has made India laughing stock.

Entire education system has been totally corrupted with RSS moles embedded in all institutions issuing fake degrees to their cadres, Rot started in Bihar with so many fake universities there.

No better example to illustrate the deep rot in corrupt Modi Govt than to take the case of Guijarat cadre IAS office Anita Karwal who is one of Modi's inner circle of pliant officers (she was chief election commissioner of Gujarat when modi was CM there) .

This officer, whose previous posting was Chairperson CBSE when there was rampant paper leakage and en-masse tampering of marks, claims to have 4 academic degrees such as B.A (Hons) Zoology, Ll.B, MA in Entire Political Science, M.Phil in Political Science. She also claims in her IAS CV on DoPT website to be university topper and Gold medallist in these degrees,

Curiously this officer has suppressed the University and year of attainment mndatory columns of these alleged degrees in the DoPT website. Complaints were made to DoPT that these degrees are fake,.RTIs were issued to DoPT, UPSC, CBSE all of which were stonewalled.  The DopT replied back that Ms.Karwal's degree could not be verified from the concerned University. . The said "University" has regularly been on UGC's list of fake universities for a very long time, Finally, the DoPT "requested" Ms. Karwal's superior officer Ms. Rina Ray, IAS  (the then Secretary Schools) to immediately inquire into the evidence backed allegations that Ms. Karwal's degrees are fake/ dubious. This brave officer submitted a report confirming that Ms. Karwal's degrees were suspect and that the officer (then of Additional Secretary rank)  was not cooperating.

The result, Ms. Rina Ray, IAS  was put on suspension (this unheard of step for such a senior rank officer was taken directly from PMO)  and reverted to cadre where she cools her heels with no work. After 2 months Anita karwal was promoted to Secretary rank and today occupies Rina Ray's post as Secretary Schools in MHRD. This is all part of a deep rooted international conspiracy to keep Indians poorly educated so India remains a 3rd world power. Hitler Modi likes to have such tainted, dishonest and worthless officers with him who blindly carry out his instructions.

Is it any wonder then that the COVID-19 continues to rage increasingly in India while these barely educated politicians like Modi issues one foolish instruction after the other based on advice by equally uneducated "experts" with fake degrees.

Time may be approaching for the HINDU SAMAJ to consider the unthinkable and back the Congress if such gross incompetence and corruption continues.



On Sat, Aug 8, 2020 at 6:16 AM "shilpi.tanti" <> wrote:
Yes,  we statisticians are not getting job and partially illiterate mathematicians are developing models and predicting it.  This is India.  People compares the HS results irrespective of the combinations.

Sent from vivo smartphone

Instead of suggesting a basic lesson in infection biology, it seems what you need is a basic course in MATHEMATICS.

It is a sad reality of the complete  anarchy in the Indian education system that academics in BIOLOGY stream mostly stop learning mathematics after class 10 due to PCB "stream" system and so are far less competent than their PCM stream peers.The PM's chosen 10th class maths pass Chairman of Covid empowered committee at NITI AYG who publicly predicted that Covid-19 would be snuffed out by 16 May 2020 being a prize example.

Since we seem to agree agree that Govt should have done very much more testing and been open about their numbers, one can very safely conclude that all statistics disseminated till date by them are actually BOGUS and fictitious.

Dr. Roy is correct when he says that this government has deliberately set out  toinfect as many Indians as possible as rapidly as possible. I have also said much the same thing on this forum  Some very PRAGMATIC people in government had decided between a millions Indian dying versus boosting Mukesh Ambani's trillions on the "frothy" stock markets where they booked their profit so long as SEBI was not enforcing margins. Every IAS / IPS officer on Ambani's "payroll" is a multi crore-pati now due to Covid.

Regarding paras 3, 4,5 of your email it is very difficult to discuss such things with a person who is not well grounded in mathematics and statistics. Even the most basic global population weighted  metrics of deaths/million or cases/million or testing per million of India versus the rest of the world would educate you on where .India ranks  under this INCOMPETENT and CORRUPT government.

Numbers don't lie, people do.

Ravi, Ph.D.

On Tue, Jul 28, 2020 at 3:48 AM Akash Saini <> wrote:
What you probably need is a basic lesson in infection biology. 

1. Just because the sero survey suggests 23% infection rate, does not mean that everyone else is lying about it. It just means that a lot more people than previously thought are asymptomatic. Yes, they should have done more tests than they have, and they should have been more transparent, but not everything is cooked up like you say. And to assume that, like the infection rate, the death rate is also 10 times higher than reported, is utter stupidity. Because as the science is revealing, its a primarily asymptomatic disease and most people do not show symptoms and therefore do not get tested. This is also why the disease is spreading so rapidly and widely, because the asymptomatic people do not know that they have it and therefore have no idea that they are spreading it. However, while infection can be asymptomatic (and therefore remain hidden), death is not associated with asymptomatic infections and is very much noticeable. 

2. That governments deliberately wanted to infect people, is a baseless and a rather stupid claim. I can understand (and to some extent agree) if you say that they are incompetent or could have done better, but calling them murderous is outrageous and only shows how logically bankrupt you are.

3. There is no evidence to suggest that declining rate means 60% have been infected. You are probably talking about herd immunity, but please know that passing the peak of infection does not mean that herd immunity has been kicked in. Studies have shown no trace of herd immunity having developed in Italy and New York, where Covid has created havoc.

4. What studies have shown is that antibody protection lasts for 75 days; however T-cell response can last for longer and can provide protection from re-infection. This is still being studied and the jury is still out on the level of immunity that a single infection provides. Please refrain from coming to (stupid) conclusions on the basis of WhatsApp forwards. Yes, there is a good chance of second wave, but not for the reasons you mentioned.

Please do some reading and use logic before you send group emails like this.



Best regards,

Akash Saini, Ph.D.
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