Thursday, March 28, 2019



India Against Corruption

                                                                     DIMINISHING DISTINCTION BETWEEN PRESENT DAY POLITICIANS AND CRIMINALS

Nobody anymore believe that a politician is a honest person. Almost everyone thinks that politicians have huge black money , they accumulate wealth by dishonest methods and behavior of some of them is not much different from criminals. Many politicians face criminal charges including murder. Most of them go scot free using their money power and by circumventing the law.

The forthcoming parliament election is a clear case of unprincipled politicians who form alliance between various groups purely to win election and seize power and accumulate more money. 

It is distressing that in number of cases, politics has become a family business.

In such circumstances, it is impossible for honest people to contest elections and win. Possibly, the large number of voters who vote on the basis of caste, cash they get or the freebies they get are also responsible for the electoral success of criminal politicians and the politicians exploit the weakness and vulnerability of these people.

In the case of thieves , they don's claim that they are honest people and they have no ethical and moral values. Are the politicians today any different from the thieves ? Probably, some of them are worse than thieves , since even as they indulge in corrupt dealings , they claim that they are honest.
Are we Indians paying too big a price for electoral 
democracy ?

Nandini voice For The Deprived

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