Friday, January 18, 2019


Goa Governor Mridula Sinha's move to now get an over four crore worth plush Darbar hall and Dining palace at the Raj Bhavan is highly objectionable. It is a flagrant case of misplaced priorities by this government and a blatant criminal waste of public funds.

It is outrageous that this government which is financially bankrupt and has been recurringly borrowing to meet the state's expenditure has dared to embark on such an extravagant and needless venture.

The ensuing session of the Goa Legislative Assembly amongst other issues has to debate such wasteful expenditure which is impermissible when this debt ridden government has not been able to even pay the salaries of some teachers for months together.

No wonder Goa's utter rubber stamp and lackluster Governor Mridula Sinha is very strongly resisting coming within the ambit of the RTI Act. This veil of secrecy on the affairs at the Raj Bhavan cannot continue as transparency and accountability in the functioning of the government cannot be subdued.

Goa's irony today is that we have a very ailing and physically incapacitated Chief Minister and to put it bluntly - a good for nothing very uninspiring Governor who is on a long state sponsored picnic merrily bleeding the state exchequer. 

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