Friday, November 17, 2017

[IAC#RG] A rejoinder to Comm. Gupte

Do you not know about the rampant corruption in BJP ranks which became blatantly obvious before and after the demobilisation inflicted on the Indian people? The big fish - Ambanis, Adanis, Mittal, party workers, etc. - and global financial institutions, governments and digital experts all knew about and even designed and orchestrated the impending demon.move; they made hay then and are the prime beneficiaries now. They will reward the BJP in the next elections - that was one of the prime motives of demon.

In the meantime, in my state, sick and aged pensioners are being denied their rations and suffering incredible hardship due to Aadhaar not working in rural areas. Should the poor starve to feed the egos and greed of the ruling rich? Does the govt.want those who can't manage digital transactions to simply die? All governments encourage graft, reward sycophancy, and pander to big corporate interests. But there has never been a government in India that was as insensitive as the BJP to common people's woes.

Please name ONE hyped up program of this govt.that has benefited the common people, with supporting facts and verified statistics.

Finally, who is divisive?  Who oversaw the carnage in Gujarat in 2002, keeping the army confined to barracks until every Muslim area  (just real estate to the bania ruling majority) had been destroyed, it's women raped, legislator murdered, and it's places of worship bulldozed and built over overnight? Who arranged all those fake encounters? And who went to jail for them?! The list of crimes includes the assassination of the main political rival within the BJP. Please see the documentary film ' Final Solution'.

Joya Roy

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