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The Goa Human Rights Commission (GHRC) comprising of Retired District Judge A.D.Salkar and Mr.J.A Keny has today issued notices to the Chief Secretary and Director General of Police directing them to appear on 9th January in connection with the complaint filed that all police stations across Goa are now being managed by just a few police personnel as almost the entire police staff have been scheduled for election duty for the Goa Assembly Polls scheduled for February 4th.


In the complaint it has been stated that it was very alarming and disturbing that almost the entire police staff from the police stations across Goa have been scheduled for election duty as a result of which all the police stations will have to be managed by just a few police personnel thus putting to risk the security and well being of the citizens.


Pointing out that this sordid state of affairs with police stations without the much needed police personnel will now continue for over a month, it has been submitted that every citizen has the right to life, liberty and his security and that the duty that this right is ensured is cast upon the police force.


Stating that despite the police presence Goa has been witnessing an alarming number of crimes all over, the attention of the GHRC has been drawn that the DGP in another proceedings had earlier already submitted before the GHRC that there was already a shortage of police personnel.


It has also been stated that the few police personnel who would have to manage the police stations will also be inhumanly overworked in violation of their Human Rights.


It has been sought that the Chief Secretary, Director General of Police and the Chief Electoral Officer be directed to explain as how they are allowing police stations to be abandoned and as to how many staff will be managing the respective police stations during the next 30 days to ensure that the human rights of the citizens are not violated.  


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