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The fund is collected from those who have that kind of money to spare in cash in multiples of 20K per high Tea.
No doubt they expect returns. He tells he is son of a merchant to businessmen and knows business so you know what he is trading. We know that All political parties collect in cash and don't want to be under RTI although they occupy Government premises worth billions.
The money so collected is then spent to get votes and returned in sops given to investors.
There is no free business lunch as they say.

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                                                                                            "FUND COLLECTION" DRIVE BY AAM AADMI PARTY

Today, no one believes any political party in India,  when they claim that they collect funds for the party only by cheque and without adopting coercive methods.  Everyone knows that the truth is otherwise.

While many political parties collect funds without much publicity adopting all sorts of methods, Aam Aadmi party is one exception which collects funds  by advertising  and high publicity campaign. Anyone , who understand the low  ethical standards of political parties  in the country, would tend to think that Aam aadmi party is only trying to create " holier than thou" image for itself. The immediate thought that comes to one's mind is as to whether any intelligent and informed person will spend as much as Rs.20,000  to have high tea with Kejriwal and Somnath Bharti, without expecting something in return.

Certainly, hearing the talk by Kejriwal and Somnath Bharti  during such high tea occasion would not be worth Rs. 20,000.  Further, those in the middle and lower income group cannot afford this sum. Obviously, AAP is expecting some business men  to respond to this invitation , who do nothing unless they would be assured of a return.

When AAP claims that several crores of rupees have been collected by way of donation and entry fees for high tea party in a short period, it creates curiosity and perhaps, many people would think that it calls for detailed investigation by the authorities .  Whistle blowers and watchdogs who correctly think that the claims of honesty for what may be a dishonest act should be discouraged,  should also take special interest in such investigation.
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