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Gentlemen, I am an Investment Banker and a product of Indian Institute of Management and passed out in 1987. Not sure why I am on this mailing list but nonetheless....

I am amazed at the responses including the latest one commenting on parents and families..its a free country and our youngsters who are clear leaders in many fields incl e-comm – they raised more FDI than many of the conservative stalwarts and as a group.. We want to control their social behaviour..

Why don’t yu all get together and fight the obscurantist forces which have an obsolete construct of Indian Society- remember we are the most corrupt and admittedly dirtiest nation.. Take your holier than thou attitude first to domain of honesty, probity and cleanliness before castigating our future..our youngsters.

All power to the groups which are rightfully showing moral courage to face the onslaught of religious and social groups which are trying to gain relevance in the backdrop of religious fundamentalism.

MY request... Leave our new generation alone and atone for our sins for creating a corrupt India....

Have a good Day...

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What about the responsibility of the parents and the families they belong to.

Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2014 06:55:39 -0600

India Against Corruption

                                                                                  DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR  OF  IIT M STUDENTS

The students of Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT M) made a show of themselves  by kissing each other in front of camera ; boy&boy, girl&girl, boy&girl. The print and television media appear to be highly pleased to show the scene , that would perhaps help them in increasing the circulation /viewership.  Who cares ?

The above behaviour of the students of IIT M wiped out in one stroke the  fair image of IITs , shocking many people who thought that IIT students are the brightest of the bright in the country, capable of  maintaining  lofty standards in behaviour. The government of India has been spending crores of rupees of tax payer’s  money in supporting the education of these so called elite students, , expecting that most of them would ultimately turn up as high class engineers and technologists contributing to the social and economic growth of the country. The expectation has been that these students will  be  trend setters in the building up of new and progressive India and certainly not part of kissing parade.

These misguided students say that they have been indulging in kissing scenario in support of the liberal life style, whatever it may mean. It has not occurred to them that such uncultured and ugly behaviour will go down as a new low in  public behaviour in the country.

One wonders what has the Director of IIT M been doing and how did he permit this, particularly when it has happened in the campus ? What is the responsibility of the Director and the professors  in ensuring discipline and meeting the expectations of the country men about the standards of the students and culture in IITs.

Unfortunately, IIT Madras has been in the news for all wrong reasons in recent times. The professors of IIT M went on dharna some time back demanding higher wages ;  suicide amongst students have been happening in the hostels too frequently.

It is high time that the government of India should order an enquiry into the affairs of IIT M , with particular reference to the above ugly behaviour of the students and the silence of the Director and professors.


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